Ariana Grande - eternal sunshine

Does she have some sort of deal with Amazon with this album's singles? The string/acapella versions of "we can't be friends" aren't on any streaming services besides Amazon Music?
This album is truly her best body of work. It seemed that way on first listen, but after weeks it's only become more apparent.

My favorites are switching, "don't wanna break up again" has crept up on me.
I wasn’t big on this album when it first came out, but it took a bit of time and I’m lovin it. Yes, and - I wish I hated you - supernatural- bye - and we can’t be friends (get me tissues cause my eyes) are such moments!
I had to hunt down the video she posted of her playing the studio vocals of imperfect for you (she's a troll for deleting it!) - she sounds so angelic and mesmerizing. I can't believe it's not higher up on the stream on Spotify. People are snoozing on this! supernatural is the best in terms of next steps for the album as it's brilliant, celestial, and has smash written all over it. She really did come to feed everyone after that long gap of staying silent. Pop royalty!