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Ariana Grande - positions (6th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Mar 24, 2020.

  1. Tea though, these kids were like 5 when Obsessed came out ddd
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  2. I’m surprised it’s stayed number 1 for a month. I really thought it would only spend a week at the top.
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  3. That Ari reign just won''t let up.
  4. Positions is not the single of hers I’d choose for this chart run, but I couldn’t be happier to see her success regardless.
  5. Most Number Ones:
    13 - Madonna
    09 - Spice Girls / Rihanna
    07 - Ariana Grande

    Most Weeks at Number One:
    29 - Madonna
    25 - Rihanna
    22 - Spice Girls
    18 - Ariana Grande

    Most #1 Debuts:
    08 - Spice Girls
    07 - Ariana Grande

    Whew she's coming to shake the table.

  6. Um the fact Ariana is having an Imperial Rihanna-like chart and sales trajectory with songs she basically wrote about her life with her 2-3 besties over Instagram DMs and then recorded in one of her eight bathrooms in 20 minutes all with 1% of Rihanna's promo is also a big flex.
  7. RMK


    This is so aggressive (dd)
  8. I’m obsessed with this energy.
  9. I wonder which of them is more interested in music though.
  10. Not sure I'm ready for that week when Ari will overtake Madonna's records.
    The Little Ciccos will flip.
  11. Can we discuss Ari's Big "Ariana really let America know she loathes it and continues to hit #1 there" Energy.
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  13. [​IMG]
  14. Ddd I was just thinking about this. The absolute POWER to (correctly) say "I Hate America" and then accomplish THIS:

  15. And with ha two worst songs, that’s talent!
  16. Mm yas my all time faves know no bounds. I stay on the right side of herstory except for Miley and L*n*
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  17. Rihanna has one amazing album and two good-decent albums, and the rest are all varying degrees of bad-mediocre. Ariana has at least 4 solid albums.
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  18. What’s frustrating about Rihanna is that her musical output (unlike a lot of artists) got better as time went on and then she got bored of it :(.
  19. Anti, Rated R and Good Wig Got Snatched are all great albums, come on now.

    The others? Great singles, beautiful singles.
  20. This all feels a bit unnecessary as @Leopold said nothing about the quality of Rihanna's work but that she simply stopped focusing on churning out yearly releases and maximizing her list of hits. I think we'd all agree this was for the better given it produced the masterclass that was Anti.

    It simply pointed out that Ariana filled in that abandoned slot of yearly hit-maker quite easily.

    As far as hit-making chanteuses go with shaky videographies and messy album campaigns even during their most hit-maximizing time, Rih & Ari are probably very much birds of a similar feather!
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