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Ariana Grande - positions (6th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Mar 24, 2020.

  1. positions is her best album, Sweetener comes second.
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  2. Imagine not thinking thank u next is her best album
    though tbh I think she has a remarkably strong discography for a pop star her age. There’s not a bad album in the bunch.
  3. Smiling Robyn.jpeg
    Judgy Robyn.jpeg
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  4. I’m sure that you meant this sincerely but it’s giving me
  5. So her new manz is a real estate agent and in the “love language” outro she says “I ain’t tryna sign no lease, I just want to make you home”. I just figured that out and thought it was so cute.
  6. 2014

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    Rihanna popping up in all these threads - can you say legendaric.
  7. *legendarih
  8. Remember those signed Stuck With U CDs that took 7 months to ship?

  9. I think it's my 2nd now after the forever amazing Dangerous Woman.
  10. Capitalism breeds innovation etc. etc.
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  11. There are good arguments to be made for ‘Dangerous Woman’ and ‘thank u, next’ being labelled as her best album. But ‘Sweetener’ is still my favourite.

    ‘God is a woman’, ‘breathin’, ‘no tears left to cry’ and ‘goodnight n go’ on one album? Not everyone has that.

    Honestly though, she hasn’t made a bad album. Nor has she made a completely fantastic album yet
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  12. thank u, next is immaculate if you remove 7 rings.

    sweetener has the highest highs but the lowest lows (thanks to the Pharrell tracks).
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  13. "positions" was a letdown at first but is surely getting better at every listen. "sweetener" remains her best body of work, though.
  14. She has four excellent albums now. She has no bad ones.

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    That's what they get for even remembering Stink With U
  16. Something about Taylor Swift stans speaking on Ariana just doesn't sit right with my spirit.
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  17. autograpft
  18. AND ‘everytime’ and ‘better off’? Icanheargoddotgif
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  19. Sweetener has Ariana’s best songs but its also her worst album.
    Positions might be her best.
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