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Ariana Grande - positions (6th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Mar 24, 2020.

  1. Let Magnus Høiberg executive produce the album, Ari.
  2. SG Lewis please.
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  3. Thread inspired a play of her entire album discography today and I don’t think I’d listened to ‘Yours Truly’ all the way through. It’s all over the place but its absolutely fine as a debut from as of then emerging artist trying on a few different hats. Blasphemy but I sort of enjoyed the Nathan Sykes duet, maybe because I had no idea his voice was like that?

    Onto ‘My Everything’ and if ‘One Last Time’ isn’t a God Tier™️ Pop Song. It just hits different, maybe now because of Manchester but it truly cemented how much I love it when Ari uses her lower register.
  4. Yours Truly is worth the price of admission of Honeymoon Avenue alone.
  5. Bruno yes but 24K Magic was four years ago and the landscape's changed a lot since then I think. From what I've heard of Red Blue Pills, it's a very poppy, EDM-tinged take on funk... and I don't think Post Malone was ever serving jazzy or funk R&B nn. My references were more so Jill Scott / Erykah Badu / Thundercat / Little Dragon's brand of R&B.
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  6. I'm ready for ha big pop/R&B power ballad SMASH single, future AC radio staple moment tbh.
  7. Remember when everyone said she was coming for her massive R&B / ballad smash and then threw a screw ball and released No Tears Left To Cry. What a moment.
  8. I would donate my blood for even one song produced by KAYTRANADA come on!!
  9. I too would murder for Ariana X Kaytranada. Also would love for Cashmere Cat to make a reappearance.
  10. Subwaykid

    Subwaykid Staff Member

    KAYTRANADA, SG Lewis, and D’Mile, who produced an excellent run of songs for Victoria Monét this year, please. And throw Max Martin in there for the big, cheesy, power ballad I’ve been yearning for too, while we’re at it.
  11. If Ariana were to go pop this time I want her to work with Danny L Harle. His work on Pang really shows his versatility.

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  12. Yes, yes and yes.
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  13. Tickle my keys, Ari!
  14. Me, too, but i lowkey want it to be by BANKS. Ari's got her 50 billion followers. Share the wealth, world. Haha.
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  15. SG Lewis is on my wishlist too. I don't think it's too much of a stretch considering he worked with Victoria on Experience.
  16. Ariana & SG Lewis... A moment most pleasing to me. Stop beating the lifeless corpse of Justin’s career and make it happen @Scooter.
  17. I love Kacey Musgraves and enjoyed her collab with the Flaming Lips, but i actually weirdly think Ariana Grande would make a more interesting song with them. Call me crazy. Shrug.
  18. It's hard to go wrong with Ariantra's blessed larynx at the wheel, but I hope that there's a sonic curveball or two coming. Do we know if anything ever came of her working with Thundercat?
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