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Ariana Grande - positions + AVON sales rep era

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Mar 24, 2020.

  1. Not Pharrell again sis..................
  2. Ok..... Her butterfly tattoos are definitely gone right? Can't see them in some of her recent photos again, so I was creeping through her insta trying to figure out if how far before the wedding they vanished nn.

  3. Pharrell with Chad >>>> him alone
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  4. Did we know Ariana is featured on a Doja Cat song for Doja's new album?
  5. Yes, Doja announced her album tracklist this past Friday.
  6. Tattoos take a long time to actually remove, especially ones as big and as pigmented as those butterflies. It's possible she's in the process of having them removed and covering the remnants with makeup, but removal is a very painful process and the skin is so sensitive that I really can't see someone being able to put makeup on it. With how quickly it seems they disappeared, I'm leaning more towards her having them covered for whatever reason. I've had my tattoos covered with makeup by a makeup artist before, and it's insane how well they covered. It's not uncommon for people to cover their tattoos for big events like getting married, but it is odd that they're still covered in the Save Your Tears performance. I too have been trying to figure out when they disappeared, it's so...odd? I read that at least one of the butterfly tattoos was visible in March, so who knows.
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  8. The way she'll do everything but sing a song off her album ':)'
  9. This era’s been treated like an artist at her level would promote a mixtape or even an EP. It’s been strange to witness especially considering thank u, next got a couple of well timed promo performances.
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  10. Who's the Tony award winning friend.
  11. They’re tagged in the 3rd slide.
  12. A...skit? Sing pov.
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  13. There’s no amount of money that would get me to click on this. James is cursed.

    The way sis can’t even give us some studio-shot performances thrown onto YouTube. Lord knows she’s beyond the need for promo, but ever since that Save Your Tears performance, all I can think about is how robbed we are not having heard her do anything off positions live.
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  14. Vevo Live performance? Vevo’s Instagram account is tagged in these posts. Save Your Tears Remix with Abel or something from positions? The colour palette feels very After Hours.

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  15. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    Is positions: the long pond sessions finally coming?!
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