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Ariana Grande - positions + AVON sales rep era

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Mar 24, 2020.

  1. I’d hope so even though I don’t really return to k, bye for now. I hope this performance is actually for something from positions though!
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  2. The hair, the gloves, the lighting and colours... A serve.

    @nooniebao @Sanctuary is it finally happening?
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  3. Still can't believe she released an album of some of her best work and then refused to perform literally any of it. I would kill for an intimate little positions live set, I'm just imagining how lush my hair would sound with live instrumentation.

    On another note, I think this has firmly taken the spot for me as her best album. sweetener and thank u, next are tied for me as they feel like different sides of the same coin in a lot of ways, but positions has slowly taken the top spot over the last 8 months. It's definitely her most consistent, and I really hope she leans into some of the more sonically different stuff she brought into her catalogue - my hair, love language, and worst behavior, mainly.

  4. I think she'll at least do the three singles: positions, 34+35, and pov.

    The one she did for Dangerous Woman saw her do 7 songs and I don't wanna get my hopes up for nothing, but if she did that again, I'd hope for:
    - just like magic
    - safety net
    - my hair
    - nasty

    I'm not sure if she'd do Safety Net without Ty though. Give us "worst behavior", sis!
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  5. Is that the best she’s ever looked? I’m gagged.
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  6. The very next post!? I spoke this into existence. You’re welcome, hens!

    This better be positions performances dddd.
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  7. The way (kii) "motive" would've been her easiest hit in her career. Worms, all around.

    "just like magic", "my hair" & "nasty" are all essentials for this lil' show.
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  8. Somehow ‘obvious’ is becoming my song of the summer. Would love for it to be part of her Vevo performance but it’s unlikely.
  9. For some reason the restaurant I was in last night played this album start to finish.

    I genuinely lost focus on what my friends were talking about while ascending to 'pov'.
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  10. I looooooove how when this album first dropped a lot of people said it was just treading the same ground as her previous work and dismissed it almost instantly. But it’s slowly crept up on a lot of people and does stand to be one of her best, most cohesive records.

    Taste always wins in the end!!!

    Looking forward to whatever the VEVO gig may be. It’s odd that she’s not performed any of the music from the record, but I’m assuming the VEVO thing will remedy that.
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  11. I just hope she does my hair, since she’ll probably avoid that one on tour.
  12. It's funny how she had a massive hit last summer on a feature and the same has happened this year.
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  13. Her presence sweet and her aura bright!
  14. It’s finally happening!

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  15. I hope she filmed more than just pov, but at this point, I'll take it ddd.
    I wonder if it'll be shot like Doja's VEVO Lift performances, more cinematic.
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  18. She looks just stunning in that promo picture! And pov, really does remain her best ever ballad for me and top 5 songs in total.
  19. She sounds/looks absolutely stunning. The acapella intro..... flawless.
  20. VEVO tweeted to 'stay tuned for more!'
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