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Ariana Grande - positions + AVON sales rep era

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Mar 24, 2020.

  1. I still stand by the thought that this (as well as her In The Heights advert appearances) are all part of her Wicked angling.

    That, and her just having a time-filling cash grab to keep her occupied before touring becomes an option again.
  2. All this for Wicked.
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  3. Imagine if the final product gives Cats.
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  4. The way this transforms positions from an uberbop into a mecha-titanium-uberbop

  5. I feel even more obsessed with pov lately, truly is one of her finest ever moments.
  6. New peak for pov on the Hot 100 this week:


  7. Beautiful photo.
  8. I’m glad Ariana is sticking to her fragrance roots and not going the full-fledged, beauty-brand route. Small mercies.
  9. !!

    I guess it's either Off the Table or Safety Net based on the comments.
  10. I know “nasty” is a dream but I’d like to wish it into reality. “off the table” will be nice.
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  11. Whatever it takes to get the broadway out of her system teebs
  12. I adore Abel and Off The Table but I want her to give us a performance with someone else, since they've been few and far between this era. I don't think her and Ty have ever performed together and Safety Net is one of the best on the album so if it's one of those two, I hope it's the latter.
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  13. YASSSSSSS!!!!
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  14. Yes! ‘safety net’ is my favourite song off the record (along with ‘just like magic’).
  16. Looking forward to this, keep the visuals coming Ari.
  17. Hope it keeps on climbing again.
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