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Ariana Grande - positions + AVON sales rep era

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Mar 24, 2020.

  1. The lack of taste coming from the “off the table” slander crowd nn it’s honestly one of the most beautiful songs on the record, the harmonies and melodies are amazing.
  2. The "off the table" performance is extraordinary.
  3. positions live is up!

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  4. The intro went on a bit too long but I love how she tracked the parts into the keyboard and used them later.
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  5. She ATE. I can't believe this is the first performance of the title track.

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  6. Truly saved the best for last. The acapella intro. I'm ascending.
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  7. That intro was heavenly. She's really never sounded better, hasn't she?
  8. The harmonies are amazing.

    Honestly, 'Positions' is such a great song. Very underrated, I feel like.
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  9. positions really goes off live, doesn’t it?

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  10. I hope these performances go up on streaming. They're absolutely amazing.
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  11. She’s really living her Imogen Heap fantasy with that intro. Hopefully a taster of things to come…
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  12. This was gorgeous. positions has grown on me so much over time.
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  13. I still love the album and I’m really pleased that we finally got some performances but this is such a weird era?
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  14. She’s treated it like a side project or a mixtape. She’s been open about hating traditional promo (televised performances, hundreds of interviews, etc.) so I wouldn’t be surprised if we get another era like this one if her music continues to sell. It doesn’t hurt that she didn’t have a tour to sell when this came out.
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  15. Truly one of her best singles for me.
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  16. SMG


    I always liked positions but it’s crept up on me over the months as one of her better singles, teebs.
  17. Positions the song is truly one of her top-tier releases, I still can't believe the best bit of the entire thing (the 'and you're down for meeeeeee' on the bridge) was completely freestyled in the recording booth, talent
  18. The original version of Bad To You featuring Dua ended up leaking.
  19. I still wish that chorus was re-purposed because I think it's great, even if the song is a dud. I'm so glad Dua knew to hold out for a better track though. We will get Ariana x Dua and it will be excellent.
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