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Ariana Grande - positions + AVON sales rep era

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Mar 24, 2020.

  1. Add me to the list of people coming around to positions (the album) like a year late. A cute little summer moment.
  2. Is this what got replaced with break up with your girlfriend, i'm bored?
  3. It's still surreal to me that she's a judge on The Voice, my brain hasn't fully processed it yet and every pice of promo there is I find myself getting surprised.
  4. Another snippet of Remember leaked and a bunch of Positions photoshoot outtakes are leaking:


    The fact that she had these kinds of set-up's and trashed them:

    When they feel like they capture the whole retro sexpot concept the album wanted to go for.

    Edit - Mess, apparently Dave Meyers was hacked so a bunch of things leaked / are leaking.

    - Positions photoshoot outtakes (a bunch of new set-up's)
    - Sweetener photoshoot outtakes
    - 'Cloud' perfume photoshoot outtakes
    - An alternative opening to God Is A Woman's video where Ariana is laying on the world before it pans down to her hula-hooping the galaxy.
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  5. Here's the Positions outtakes that have leaked so far:

    And the Sweetener outtakes:

    All I come away from this thinking is that Dave Meyers is an awful photographer ddd.
    The rainbow effect for the Sweetener cover will always be gorgeous though:

    The cut God Is A Woman opening sequence:
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  6. All those photos are... photos.
  7. Wow, some of these are really good.
  8. A ton of great photos here but leaking topless outtakes is beyond gross.

  9. Her takeover.
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  10. Those white carpet set-ups would've been a really nice addition to the era.
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  11. Another snippet of Remember leaked.
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  12. Is that Njomza singing with her on the chorus? There’s another woman’s voice that doesn’t sound like her unless I’m going crazy.
  13. It sounds mostly like Ari, though there's random people talking so I'll scream if it was recorded during some kind of discord listening and the version that leaks has twinks yapping over it....
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  14. And apparently more of Save Your Tears' weeks on the Hot 100 are now the remix than the solo version, so Billboard has gone and credited all weeks to the remix ddd. It's now Ariana's longest-charting song on the Hot 100.

  15. The shade ddd
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  16. Skins is literally the word for costumes in the game.


    The costume is kinda trash though. Should have picked the same look that Final Fantasy did:
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  17. No, I know, but the joke was just so obvious with her long history of blackfishing.
  18. I'm just praying her Xtina-style food item sponsorship during The Voice doesn't end up being Nesquick cause sis will have really stepped in it then ddd.

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  19. Miss Ness Quick is still alive?
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