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Ariana Grande - positions + AVON sales rep era

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Mar 24, 2020.

  1. Nn well I kinda love the Allure shoot. The hair in particular. The styling is more interesting than what we got for positions honestly.
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  2. Good to see her laying off the tan for once.
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  3. Her dragging of the Love Me Harder video dddd.
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  4. Diversifying your portfolio is the name of the game right now.
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  5. Since Santa Tell Me hasn't been included on an album or EP, she could easily have a massive Christmas album on her hands just by tacking that on. Smart!
  6. That light reflector, yoghurt lid, nun habit, egg-white hula hoop she's wearing!!!!
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  7. Her camp told Variety the christmas album rumor is fake.
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  8. This being more content than she's produced for projects since Dangerous Woman.
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  9. This made me scream

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  10. All the other pop girl stans in the quote tweets going "AT LEAST SHE KNOWS SHE'LL NEVER BE ICONIC!!!"..

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  11. In a way, I do wish we were getting an Christmas album, because all her past Christmas material, has been just so strong. And now even more so too am sure.
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  12. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Both times she referred to her use of “iconic” were so hilarious
  13. RJF


    I mean… for 70% of her videos… tea.
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  14. RMK


    The way she said the truth about Love Me Harder just existing.
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  15. I'm actually kind of aligned with her not releasing an album for a bit because she has been CRANKING them out, and I feel like she'll benefit creatively from for a while.

    But if it's starting to look like she's about to pull a post-Fenty Beauty Rihanna I'm going to Nonna's and staging a hunger strike in the driveway.
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  16. She deserves to do the whole Selena Gomez bare minimum thing for a while. I'm enjoying it.
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  17. I’m someone who actually adores playing with makeup, but I’m burnt out by all these celebrities starting beauty brands like they’re fragrance collections. However, if r.e.m. beauty proves itself to be the same caliber of Fenty Beauty and—very surprisingly—Rare Beauty, then I may ease up on her a bit. First, I need her to run me a PR package as reparations!
  18. I think the talk of a break from music is probably her over-stating it and not making it clear that this is her break while touring is not do-able and she wants to fatten her wallet again after those multiple property purchases this year, since even her role in Don't Look Up is music based (she's a singer in the movie) and her and Kid Cudi's characters literally write and perform a song within the movie.
  19. SMG


    She - out of all of the current pop girls - seems to enjoy the act of making music the most. I can see a world where she doesn’t promote or tour (ie now) but she seems to enjoy being in the studio too much to ever pull a Rih.
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