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Ariana Grande - positions + AVON sales rep era

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Mar 24, 2020.

  1. If a song is very good she doesn't like it, y'all should know by now.
  2. How has she even made it this far.
  3. She was actually right for once when she dragged Touch It.
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  4. Didn't she say that the ad libs at the end of Touch It were her favorite thing on the entire album? Because it "sounded like Lord of the Rings"?
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  5. Not with a signature promoting Cats you don't!
  6. An album that contains pigswill like I Don't Care and Leave Me Lonely, and Touch It is the one from it that she picks out as being boring?

  7. [​IMG]
  8. Touch It still smacks, it might be my favorite song off Dangerous Woman.
  9. “Thinking Bout You” is the best song from Dangerous Woman, there’s your tea.
  10. I'm a Bad Decisions stan.
  11. "We got that hood love." A choice.
  12. That piano in Bad Decisions is so good though. I made it a focal point for my remix:

    I had plans to remix the whole album at some point after all the stems leaked but life happened “lol”
  13. Touch It, Sometimes and Thinking Bout You are the trifecta of Dangerous Woman and that is that, on that.

    Knew Better / Forever Boy is also up there.
  14. well, to keep you updated with current events, life has stopped happening at the moment so.
  15. Ironically this is the busiest I’ve felt in ages and I hate it.
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  16. The best song on Dangereuse Womyn is Knew Better/Forever Boy. A poignant euphoric journey of a song.

    I feel like we're the only folks here who ride for I Don't Care. It meanders a bit but her vocals are gorgeous and I live for the arrangement: the wobbly guitar, those warm soulful keys, the brass.
  17. Call me a GP gay but my Dangerous Woman trinity is the title track, Into You and Side to Side. I still use them every now and then.
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  18. The truly delightful way she sings "but I love maaaayyyyyeeeeeee" and then how the song just...vibes and lets us live in the world. It would have been a good song to collaborate with Mac on again.
  19. I've watched the Water Boy far clip too many times now. Get Liz an academy award NOW
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