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Ariana Grande - positions (deluxe edition)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Mar 24, 2020.

  1. Are mods deleting posts suggesting “safety net”? Lock the thread; radio would eat it alive. It’s time the public is exposed to her “ghostin’” side.
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  2. My thoughts exactly
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  3. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    People really think she's going for a proper singles run with this? It would be cute but I thought she made a post or something saying she wanted to steer away from traditional campaigns and just give us more music whenever she's done it. A video for My Hair is a must though! x
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  4. I'm meh about 34+35 as a song right now, but that video looks hilarious. Looking forward to it!
  5. She's already announced the second single and video and all she got is time for the foreseeable future? Most of her recent eras end after the third single anyway so we're halfway there already.
  6. I think this is my favorite album of her’s.
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  7. love language came on while I was playing pokemon go and I could actually ignore that it was almost freezing point outside so I could bop.

    When it comes to a top 5 (not in any particular order), I think I'll go with:
    - love language
    - my hair
    - pov
    - safety net
    - nasty
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  8. 34+35 video out Tuesday at noon EST
  9. I definitely see them pushing “pov” as the next single, even though I stan “off the table” more as a ballad.
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  10. Not sure if it's been mentioned here yet but the album is the subject of the latest episode of Popcast. Caramanica is pretty complimentary overall.
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  11. SMG


    safety net is the one today.
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  12. pov, off the table, obvious, safety net, just like magic... spoilt for choice (for next singles).
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  13. The video is out
  14. The video... exists. The nod to Austin Powers and the 70s in keeping the theme of the cover shoot is cute
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  15. SMG


    They should have just done a full video in the room with the spotted lights, teebs.
  16. One of her worst videos yet...
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  17. This definitely gives me Break Free teebs. The second half of the video is much better than the first. I just never got this fascination that some pop stars have with shooting sci-fi themed videos.
  18. Yeah that was terrible. The entire first minute or something is full of takes that had no need being that long - feels like they didn't record enough material so had to stick with what they had. The choreo moments were the only cute bits - the split was a moment.
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