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Ariana Grande - positions (deluxe edition)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Mar 24, 2020.

  1. So is this a palette collab or a lip crayon collab?
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  2. RJF


    Did we already know that streams from premium accounts are weighted differently to those with free accounts by the looks of things?
  3. -M-


    Yes, this has been a thing since 2018. Here's Billboard's announcement from back then.
  4. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    I love stuff like this. I just wish she’d share this kind of thing for songs I actually give a shit about!
  5. Stuck With U going #1
  6. The leaked snippet (around :37 seconds long) of "Rain On Me" sounds like.... we're getting some whistles from Ariana!??!?

  7. [​IMG]

    Now drop like a rock so Bey & Meg can ascend x
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  8. RMK


    the pdf file posted a video stating 30,000 of Stuck With U's sales came from six credit cards .....

  9. “Gooba” still lost!
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  10. As if Billboard would let a single person buy 5,000 copies of a single and keep those sales in place even after performing an audit.
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  11. RMK


    My thought exactly. I'm just curious if his trickery will warrant some sort of rule change or statement from Billboard, though. He's also claiming they robbed him of streams when there are clearly rules in place against bot views and streams from random clips/uploads.
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  12. I need Billboard to bring the receipts that he's a bot-led fraud so he gets humiliated further
  13. Not that “Stuck With U” is guilty of any of this, but 6ix9ine finding out that payola is a thing is hilarious to me.

  14. NOT someone saying that the reason he didn’t buy his way to #1 like he’s accusing them of doing is because he has morals I-
  15. He's so out of his depth ddd. I don't even understand why he cares so much.

    ...of course they're a barb.
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  16. RMK


    And it seemed to have been used on his own song if they're subtracting views? I-

    The charts aren't out to get him, the public and justice system is.
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  17. Never thought I'd be so happy to see Bieber at #1 but here we are.


  18. Scream at the PDF File not even getting the #2. After all of that he wouldn’t even have gotten it if they had subtracted sales from Stuck With U adkaksjsj what a fucking loser.
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