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Ariana Grande - positions (deluxe edition)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Mar 24, 2020.

  1. Premiere date for The Voice this September:

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  2. I really hope they throw a little EP of these performances up on streaming. I've been revisiting them a lot.
  3. The set and lighting is so gorgeous on these. Category is Ferngully at Dusk
  4. These performances have been incredible. my hair lends itself so well to a live arrangement, it's been my favourite of the bunch. She's on top form.

    My one little nag is I wish she wasn't so adverse to having backing vocalists. The band have been great though!

    Yeah I'm obsessed with the meadow and alien mothership/ring light. I need a BTS or something on how the set was made.
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  5. “just like magic” & “nasty”, please I beg you.
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  6. There's absolutely zero way she isn't doing the title track, which is fine with me. Give us a medley of all the deluxe tracks too though please!!!!!!!!
  7. A 2 minute and 57 second medley? Not on my watch!
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  8. Fine, add nasty. But the world needs a live rendition of test drive
  9. Yas.
  10. So off the table is coming? We lost!
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  11. Glad she's performing a little bit before I tell her The Voice is filming in Imogen Heap's quaint country cottage as part of my grand master plan to trick them into making a full alboom together
  12. Nice too see she's keeping these performances going.
  13. SMG


    off the table is one of the most boring songs in either Ariana or Abel’s career. So, so dull.
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  14. RJF


    “off the table” will let her indulge her worst performing impulses of sitting in the most dimly lit corner and cooing into the mic for the song’s four hour run time. Boot.
  15. Poor motive. It felt like such an obvious slam dunk single choice when the album dropped and they did absolute dick-all with it.

    off the table is high key my least favorite song from positions, but I hope the live performance can give it some more oomph and a pulse
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  16. I like off the table but I would have preferred to see motive, just like magic, nasty, obvious, or a test drive/worst behavior medley.

    At least we'll be getting tons of vocal acrobatics for it.
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  17. I wish they'd (officially) done something with the Promiscuous remix/mash-up, it went viral for a reason.
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  18. Off the table is my fave so I’m happy.
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