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Ariana Grande - positions (deluxe edition)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Mar 24, 2020.

  1. Someboy

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    Confidently subdued.

    I'm only a little annoyed, because if anyone could get a song over 3:00 to be hammered on streaming and radio, it's Ariana, but it does have a strong beginning, middle, and end, so I can't complain.
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  2. Not me thinking "Sylvia Plath" was a position from the Kama Sutra.
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  3. Sounds like a breezy early autumn track so, perfect to these ears. Ariana hit it out of the park again.
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  4. On first listen, it's cute. It reminds me of Sometimes, actually (minus that incredible bridge, of course). Whoever said fall vibes was right - it's breezy & relaxed. Not sure how anyone could be blown away by it, it's your usual 7/10 bop. The slight reverb on her vocals is really nice. As usual, I'm sure there will be even better on the album.
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  5. Agreed. It’s cute, she sounds gorgeous as always and I’ll bop with the rest but it feels like more of the same.
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  6. I’m not sure this is as instant for me as I wanted it to be. It’s very laid back, I like the melody but I wanted... more.

    It’s a little bit too “from the school of Scooter” when I know she’s capable of ending my life with the right collaborators.
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  7. It’s a song.
  8. She still can't lip sync for her life but it's a cute video and I want Joan as my mum.
  9. Yeah that is the only thing that bothers me in the song, I can't figure out the lyrics not only in the chorus. I mean sure, we have a lyric video but it would be nice to actually understand the song without it. Other than that, its a good little bop.
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  10. Lovely but its kind of... a Drake song.
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  11. I LOVE this! A total earworm and a grower. Video is fantastic.
    Another victory for miss Grande
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  12. Just had my first listen!

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  13. After repeated listens, this is really great. I checked out after the run of mediocre singles post-thank u, next but she’s reigned me back in.

    Also she’s finally gone easy on the spray tan, let’s celebrate that.
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  14. Same old reasonably pleasant Ariana song in her comfort zone.
  15. I had it in my head that it would be a ballad or something more of a risk. But hey, I instantly really like it.

    Also, when she’s not in full pony-tail, she always gives me major Rose Byrne’s Little Sis vibes.

    Under 3 minutes though... Did Stefani put her up to this?
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  16. Extremely into this.

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  17. aux


    Yeah, I'm obsessed with this.

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  18. The way she said I Write Sins Not Tragedies with the intro chsickdishs.

    Anyway it's cute but the album better be more interesting.
  19. It's a shame that now when I see music videos or films etc based in the Whitehouse, instead of thinking it's powerful or glamorous, I think "ew Tr*mp lived there". Hopefully that will wear off.

    I like the song. It's not a massive game changer, but it's enough of a switch-up from the sound she had in 2018 and 19 to keep my interest.
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  20. Same thoughts here. It’s just Ariana doing what Ariana does and then it ends.
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