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Ariana Grande - positions

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Mar 24, 2020.

  1. Let's be messy, girls.


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  2. That clip is gorgeous.
  3. She's liking tweets referring to the song as "Nasty" and referring to today as "the first day of the new era".

    She also liked a tweet asking her if The Rascals helped produce it.
  4. What happened to the hiatus

  5. Ended Chromga.
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  6. I'd love it if she released this before Gaga comes out with her album ddd. DO IT, ARIANA.
  7. That was it.

  8. Nn, you know damn well whatever clips she posts for the next year and a half will end up being scrapped before a project comes to fruition. That’s the Ari Cycle™.
  9. When Tommy Brown and Max Martin are revealed as producers.
  10. Can’t wait for Ari to respond to fans demanding Nasty to be released with “me too if only there was a way luv u uWu *crying emoji* *black heart emoji* *cloud emoji*”
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  11. A dark energy in this thread.
  12. Well, I'm bored, so she can start a new era if she's feeling her oats a bitsy.
  13. Nasty sounds hot. If she scraps this......

  14. RJF


    Sounds like a challenge

  15. It's just the cloud emojis.
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  16. That clip sounds....stagnant.

  17. Absolutely LOVE the snippet she posted.

    We’re finally getting that glamorous R&Biana album she promised ages ago.

  18. That sounds delicious.
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  19. I really hope she takes a bit more time before releasing anything new. This clip sounds like something that could have been on any of her last two albums. She needs to bring something a bit more fresh to the table this time around.
  20. Her Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel is coming. I'z ready.
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