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Ariana Grande - positions

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Mar 24, 2020.

  1. Gaining some co-writes in exchange for the AG-brand making Oh Santa #1? C'mon business deals!
  2. I have this fantasy of Mariah executive producing AG7.
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  3. I still have no idea what 75% of the lyrics for positions are. Kitchen something something bedroom.
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  4. I would love a Mariah collab that isn't tied to Christmas, teebs. Dare I say, their Me Against the Music moment.


  5. The 20th Mariah #1 I've been dreaming of is a Me Against The Music esque collab from the two of them with them credited as co-leads.
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  6. I was just listening to Charmbracelet and I really think it would be a great progression for her. I dream of Ariana having her own Shake It Off, too. And Mariah getting a 20th number one would really be a moment. Make it happen, AG/MC!!
  7. I’m ready. ED8A902D-6964-454F-A4EF-E8C40C17BCA2.gif
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  8. What an moment that would be.
  9. Give us a 2021 equivalent of "When You Believe."
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  10. Yes please.
  11. Yes but also you know they’d just slay a mid tempo a la Groove Theory’s Tell Me. Feed us!
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  12. They would do a great song together whatever indeed.
  13. Ariana could have featured on literally any song on Caution and it would have been fire.
  14. Loving the longevity of Positions at the top of the UK charts. It truly is one of her best singles and deserves all its success.
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  15. This sentence would've made literally no sense back in 2013, but I'd love a Ariana × Mariah collaboration that is produced by Skrillex.
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  16. A cold front came through today and confirmed my suspicions that this is a perfect Winter Album.
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  17. Give it to me IMMEDIATELY
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  18. Here here, adore it.
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  19. This TEA

    The Distance please.
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