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Ariana Grande - positions

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Mar 24, 2020.

  1. I'm perched, personally.
  2. “Like this pussy designed for you”

    God is a woman.
  3. I agree but if you think she’s going to ditch this sound anytime soon...
  4. Here for more God is a woman, Touch It, No Tears Left To Cry and the godly Into You.
    Also better off.
  5. [​IMG]

    YAS give me an "Over It" sis!
  6. All the songs she's released post-thank u next have been inconsequential but I believe she can turn it out when it comes to making a fully formed project as she has never disappointed on that front. I'm here for her leaning more heavily into R&B.
  7. aux


  8. I'm glad she's not going to take a long hiatus. She should strike while the iron is still hot. Streaming has changed the game. If an artist wants to remain at the top and keep churning out hits, they can't take those 3+ years breaks anymore. Even 2 years nowadays is pushing it.
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  9. That’s a dangerous mind set for an artist though.
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  10. There’s a fine line between striking while the iron is hot (which she did masterfully with thank u, next) and over-saturating your audience, though.
  11. Well I doubt we'll be getting new music from her until the fall at the earliest if she's working on new music. By that time, people will be ready for new Ariana.
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  12. Y'all: Ariana is going to overexpose herself!!!! She can't control herself!

    Meanwhile, Ariana:

    Not the masses even loving her dubbed comedy re-enactments. Whew! The power.
  13. I had to read the replies to find out the third character was actually played by Joan instead of Jane Lynch qqqkss.
  14. Liz Gillies is kind of eating....
  15. Did something leak last night? I'm reading that it was 'Nasty' or 'Rain On Me' with Lady Gaga. Her stans are such a mess I'm losing braincells trying to work it out on twitter.
  16. Thanks for recommending “Touch It”; she excels at that Ariana-brand of pop so fucking well. Can’t believe it didn’t get full single treatment?!
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  17. For an artist that has had a successful 1st album, they really have to hit while the iron is hot, if they wait too long, they're forgotten... but if you want to sustain a long-term career, over-doing it is worst.
  18. Apparently Ariana herself is not very proud of it and once called it one of her boring songs. I think it wasn't even on the standard edition of the album?
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  19. 'Touch It' has "#1 on the Gay FanFic charts / would never actually do much as a single" written all over it. We're lucky enough we got 'Into You' released.
  20. [​IMG]
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