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She's way too obsessed with creating music to go the Rihanna route. I'm alright with it, especially if she's not filled with ideas at the moment. She was releasing albums so quickly, for so long.

Wicked is going to be a huge time commitment, but after that she'll be back at it. I'd love new Ariana every second, but at the same time, I am strangely at peace with waiting awhile. I want to miss her more.
I really can’t believe it’s been five years since the terrible events that unfolded in Manchester. I’ve spent a lot of the day thinking about those who sadly lost their lives and those affected.

I have to confess, before hand I’d bopped to some of Ariana’s song, but I can’t say I followed her all that closely.

That completely changed in the weeks that followed. The way she responded with such strength, not to mention incredible respect to the city of Manchester and everyone impacted. Not to mention, returning to the city just a matter of weeks later and putting on an incredible show, whilst taking time to visit the families of the victims. She really did handle everything with such maturity.
I remember reading here about some explosion and texting my friend who works at MEN Arena (but was off that night) about it and him replying 'I'm told it was probably some balloons' and going to bed... Next morning was hard.
That’s so ridiculous. Sis is already taking a break from music, don’t complain when she goes the Rihanna route. Also these twinks need to get over Dangerous Woman, if they want Dangerous Woman go listen to it then
A rough demo (there's empty space for a bridge) of remember leaked.

It's pretty somber and reads more like a letter in a diary than a eulogy. It does force you to remember that, at the end of the day, this is still literally just someone writing goodbye to someone gone and the difficulties of doing so.

Whereas ghostin feels relatively complete of a reflection and goodbye to one relationship, this feels incomplete in that the person wasn't able to at the time (nor ever will be?) to fully reflect on the totality of what they had with that person.

There is probably so much to say that maybe she felt there was no real way to say what would ever feel like enough. "Right person, wrong life". ( :( )

"Least you're up on the moon" made my heart a bit heavy. Even outside of a being a fan, I'm glad she's found happiness after all she's gone through.
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Her other demos of remember seem to be leaking. It's the "non-pop" version that samples It's A Blue World by The Four Freshmen (that Mac had been apparently already working into a song called Blue World that would later be released in 2020) at the start made on 12/31/18.

Pop Wansel produced it like all the other leaks from the album.
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