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Ariana Grande - positions

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Mar 24, 2020.

  1. Fantastic achievement. One of her all time best songs as well.
  2. For some reason it looks like a My Everything anniversary merch collection is coming soon (they've been uploading new products to the Universal store database with names such as 'My Everything Live Photo Crewneck' / 'Love Me Harder Crewneck' / 'My Everything' Photo T-Shirt'). Not quite sure why as the August anniversary has passed and it's, what, the 8th anniversary? But there's definitely new products being input based on this era.
  3. There was a Yours Truly merch drop last month too. Pretty random as its 10th (!!) anniversary is next year…and the merch was ugly anyway.

  4. @Ariana - stop being a flakey recluse!!! Actually see these collaborations through!!! ddd
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  5. Why is that giving 'I'm Ariena Grande I'll work with you if you send me $500' fake DM
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  6. So with Taylor turning down the Super Bowl Halftime Show, she’s the obvious pick, right?
  7. Won’t she still be shooting Wicked next February?
  8. RMK


    Her going almost two years without releasing new music (aside from a soundtrack) feels so weird.
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  9. Hasn’t she said she’s not even recording right now?
  10. I hope we get something new in 2023 from her in terms of something for an new album.
  11. The Positions era was such a flex in retrospect. Effortlessly getting 3 Number 1's in one year (even if one of them was gross). Just really being in her lane and making the music she wants to without any real stress, some great features to keep her out there too. She really makes it look easy.
  12. Effortless, really does sum that whole era up.
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  13. RMK


    I don't love the positions album, but it does feel like one of her most comfortable moments as an artist. She was in her lane, and it felt like a completed trio next to sweetener and thank u, next.
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  14. The only thing wicked is everyone who would chime in with like “she needs to take a BREAK it’s too much music!!” which in turn manifested this purgatory of make up and two part musicals and Universal liquidating the merch warehouse.

    Positions did feel like a finale to a trilogy started with Sweetener, so I guess it was the right time to hit the brakes.
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  15. I will never forgive her for turning down Tinashe when she asked her to be on X, saying that she was “on a break”, but then putting out a collab with Demi. Scooter Braun you will not see heaven!!!
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  17. ?
  18. I’m guessing no new album until Wicked wraps filming?
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