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Ariana Grande - positions

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Mar 24, 2020.

  1. The Bieber duet, I'm assuming.
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  2. Oh! I was looking at Rain on Me-Positions-Save Your Tears
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  3. As far as I’m aware, principal photography still hasn’t begun and there’ve been quite a few delays. So she may have been recording. But I can’t see us getting popstariana back until the movie is wrapped and promo done. I’m thinking 2024.

  4. *blinks*

    Not what I meant, but okay.
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  6. Interesting article. It’s not really surprising since the entire beauty industry is (in my opinion anyway) completely oversaturated, not just celeb beauty brands.

    When I go to buy beauty or makeup products these days I find it completely overwhelming - the sheer amount of brands and products out there. I tend to buy the same few products I know are good now. And none of them are celeb brands dd
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  7. As someone who's literally a makeup artist, r.e.m. not only lacks interesting packaging, but it also lacks in innovative products. The most interesting thing about it are the concealer pots, and, even then, brands like Kevyn Aucoin and MAC already have done those more successfully.

    I wonder if r.e.m might get a second life like Haus Labs did with Sephora, but I don't even have the energy to care.
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  8. I work at Sephora and I was going to say this too. To stand out in the beauty space, you need more than just a celebrity name. You need products that your brand stands out for. She doesn't really have that yet. Gwen Stefani's brand is in the same boat... She has like lip products... and so does every brand.. where's the "gotta have it" items?
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  9. These lines bank on the 'wanna look like Arie, get these' fanbase power but the fanbase won't change skincare routines or years for a pop star. I feel for Ari but maybe it's good not all skincare ventures work out.

    Also calling it R.E.M. and
    what were they thinking. WHO thinks space and goes yas gimme the lipstick to go with.
  10. It's mad to think this album is now 2 years old. Where does time go? I miss new music from her too.
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  11. The three songs in a bracket is unnerving.
  12. safety net vs my hair vs nasty… impossible to choose

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  13. safety net clears with ease! I’m surprised that that’s a tough choice for anyone.
  14. Impossible to choose anything besides Nasty!
  15. My Hair still wins for me.
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  16. I’m an Off The Table truther but it winning its bracket over Just Like Magic? Abel stans need to chill.
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