Ariana Grande - positions

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The Charlie's Angels soundtrack was worth no one's time, but I'd still like to remind everyone that How I Look On You was great and could've easily fit in on thank u, next.

Easily my favorite post-thank u next song. The lyrics make it sound like In My Head's little sister, which is a good thing since I live for the shady but kinda sad moments of them. Also I love the way she sings

Was I just a transitionnñn?
Boy remember where you come frommmm
That Rain On Me snippet that is circulating around is from a girl called Alus and the song is called Reign.

Her voice is soooo Ariana it's crazy how similar it is.
If you look her up on spotify she has a lot of bedroom covers and they are so good.

After listening to this one i soooo want Ariana and Beyonce to make a song.

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