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Ariana Grande - positions

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Mar 24, 2020.

  1. Easily my favorite post-thank u next song. The lyrics make it sound like In My Head's little sister, which is a good thing since I live for the shady but kinda sad moments of them. Also I love the way she sings

    Was I just a transitionnñn?
    Boy remember where you come frommmm
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  2. Is this the Jason that inspired Jason's Song? Can't wait for the 9 minute version
  3. That Rain On Me snippet that is circulating around is from a girl called Alus and the song is called Reign.

    Her voice is soooo Ariana it's crazy how similar it is.
    If you look her up on spotify she has a lot of bedroom covers and they are so good.

    After listening to this one i soooo want Ariana and Beyonce to make a song.

  4. The way that I am being fed! Icon!
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  5. And here I was thinking it was obvious that snippet wasn't Ariana since the high notes sound nothing like her's like most fake Ariana snippets end up like. Y'all can't touch the Boca Original.
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  6. RJF


    The solution to the problem no one had.
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  7. I just

    How does she sound like THIS

    I'm always floored and then something comes up and is even more impressive than the last thing
  8. Hearing Still Hurting has already sent me crying on a precarious emotion day! sing the whole show please, even Jamie's parts.
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  9. God gave Ariana her talent as an apology to Joan for Frankie.
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  10. Beautiful but lol at the auto-tune on her vocal chain. She doesn’t need it.
  11. It took me about 5 years until I realised that she's not wearing knee high boots on the single cover, but heels and long socks.

  12. We need Cashmere Cat back for Album No. 6. An album full of "Adore," "Be My Baby" and "Quit"-esque tracks. I would literally die.
  13. Just listening to the live album, Wow, polished vocals!!! She’s fucking fantastic!
  14. I already hate it.

  15. That was not what we meant when we said give us the collab.
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  16. Ariana being deployed to help save Justin’s floundering era you hate to see it.
  17. The replies drfrgggggg

    Good to know even the stans hate it already.
  18. Meanwhile the real "rain on me" is out.

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