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Ariana Grande - positions

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Mar 24, 2020.

  1. RainOnFire

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  2. Haven’t we suffered enough?
  3. ‘What about Rain On Me?’ being one of the most frequent comments.

  4. "Stuck with U" - Ariana to the rest of Scooter's management roster
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  5. ddd poor Carly.
  6. So this is what 2020 is going to throw at us next?
  7. She just goes from low to lower... *sigh*
  8. What is even going on with the Big Pop Girls right now?
  9. I’m actually shocked we’re getting an entirely new song instead of just throwing Ari on something from Bieber’s latest flop album.
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  10. Remember when she was rebuking him for being horny on main?
  11. Yes!!!!!
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  12. “I cannot stand this crackhead!”

    “Hey baby boy, mwah!”
  13. If this is good, wheee No 1 till summer.
  14. So...I guess we just learned nothing at all from Britney, then?
  15. I was going to say that I'm annoyed that Ariana wasted her imperial era releasing her worst singles, but then I thought "Was thank u, next her imperial era? Or was it actually sweetener? Or has it yet to happen?"
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  16. “Stuck with U”...feels like shade.
  17. Must be love on the brai-he-aynn
  18. Thank heaven for Dua.
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  19. Honestly, Dua is right there for a collab, what kind of 2020 suffering are we meant to go through?
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