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Ariana Grande - Sweetener

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Laura Vanderbooben, Apr 20, 2017.

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  1. Eaux, I really like this and am bopping!
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  2. It's nothing special but it's not offensive. I get it, it's Pharrell by the numbers but y'all do too much to a promo track. Let her get those Reebok coins. I'm sure the 2nd single won't disappoint.
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  3. That video is trash.
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  4. This is more an incantation than a pop song.
  5. I think the message of this song is that there's both good and bad in life and we have to endure the bad to experience the good. This is why this song exists. This bad song exists so that we could experience all the good songs that are coming. This is also why she has 4 months between the first single and the album. So that there would be enough suffering in between. It will all pay off in August. Hopefully.
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  6. Pharrell is rotten. What's new?
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  7. Discounting Pete and Goodnight n Go, which already has its melody ready made, Pharrell has 5 other songs on the album which will decide if The Light is Coming is the exception or the rule.

    I still have absolute faith R.E.M. is gonna be that dreamy gorgeous song that Ariana does so well. I also can’t picture any way Borderline with Missy won’t go off, and you’d hope if the title track has anchored the project for 2 years now, it’s a strong track. Blazed and Everytime who knows.
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  8. I think this song is also about Manchester but they decided to go with Tears.
  9. i am predicting:
    Pharrel songs: TLIC, R.E.M, Goodnignt n go, pete, Blazed, Borderline.
    Max songs: Raindrops, NTLTC, God is a woman, Successful, Sweetener, Get Well soon.
    Tommy songs: Better off
    Not sure : Everytime, Breathing
  10. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    The correct decision.
  11. I actually think this song is about Mac and how she was done with all the sh*t surrounding him, she gave him enough chances...
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  12. oh he give it to me
    (pharrell's voice)
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  13. She said Sweetener was the first song she wrote, and she started work with Pharrell before Max. Based only on numbers (8 to Pharrell, 6 to Max, 1 to Tommy), I believe it’s:

    Max: No Tears Left To Cry, God Is A Woman, Breathing, Successful, Get Well Soon, Raindrops

    Pharrell: The Light is Coming, R.E.M., Sweetener, Goodnight n’ Go, Borderline, Blazed, Everytime, Pete

    Tommy: Better Off
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  14. No, this will be us when the album's finally released.
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  15. [​IMG]

    i just wanted to use this gif
  16. RMK


    The thumping sound of the bass sounds exactly like what happens when you plug your phone into the aux.
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  17. This reminds me of Truffle Butter, but somehow not in a good way.
  18. I listened to this through my HomePod and there’s so many little quirks in the production which I didn’t notice and it makes the song a lot better
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  19. Reallllllyyyyyyy
  20. There's a lot of attention on the sample, but I think the track would be unremarkable even had it been limited or entirely removed.
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