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Ariana Grande - Sweetener

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Laura Vanderbooben, Apr 20, 2017.

  1. My car, sis. I’m spreading the word on the move.
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  2. Hurrah!
  4. Me driving to Morrison’s on my lunch today.
  5. No More Tears and God Is A Woman, may just be her best back to back album singles yet.
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  6. I blame the gophers.
  7. The inevitable God is a Woman VMA performance is going to end me.

  8. meme queen while also subtly promoting #PrimeDay

    CC: @strangekin
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  9. Shocked by these tracklist positions.
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  10. Dddd I’ve come round to the new single, slé my bussy a bit.
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  11. The lyric video is siphoning some views. It’s at 30M when you combine both.
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  12. Ok but the conspiracy theorist in me thinks the screaming gophers were a deliberate attempt to redirect people from YouTube to paid streaming sites for replays of the song, to capitalize on the new chart rules. Innovative queen, if true.

    Being a Taylor stan...does things to you.
  13. The video is gold. One of the best pop video I’ve ever seen, it made me replay it more than 5 times in half an hour, something most videos (even the greatest) don’t. It really elevated the song for me. I don’t say I disliked it at first but I was expecting...something else, like the gay, pop, festive, extravaganza banger that was Into You. But the video really did put me in the soultry, nostalgic, exotic, neoclassical mood, a mood suitable to the song, indeed. You need to be baptized before you can receive the Holy Host from the priest, you need to be prepared before you can embrace the Holy Spirit.

    Ariana queen of Ancient Mediterranean Civilizations, Queen of Classicism, Queen of Baroque, Queen of Renaissance, Queen of Modern Art. Queen of 2018.
    Thank you for delivering visuals,
    thank you for delivering content.

    God really IS a Woman and she is this song.

    Needless to say, No tears left to cry is the dirt under God is a woman’s toe nail, how can you even compare them is beyond my comprehension
  14. I still don’t get why they bothered putting it up.
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  15. RMK


    It still gave her 3M views before the video went up, and I guess people would rather click on a lyric video when comparing it to just standard audio.
  16. I mean, it's perhaps her most politically-charged and left-field visual, so it's not a surprise that it isn't immediately breaking records. She's at the point in her pop career where she's not going to easily drag along the teenyboppers who may have blindly bopped to dick-riding anthems on Dangerous Woman; here, she is blatant and brazen in her feelings and subject matter, making it rather inevitable to ignite a bit of apprehension, even if it is absolutely brilliant.
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  17. I'm just happy some of y'all are seeing the light and coming around God is woman, it was always such a moody bop from the start, my whole body can't help but move when the verses start after the chorus.
  18. I hate how much I love this conspiracy
  19. God is up to #2 (!) on Global Spotify, #4 on US and #7 on UK.
    Slay a bitsy.
  20. The video really made me like the song so yay.
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