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Ariana Grande - Sweetener

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Laura Vanderbooben, Apr 20, 2017.

  1. That delicious thump and those 90s vocals on Wit It This Christmas, though.
  2. So many good Ari festive jams, in such a short space of time.
  3. Focus flopping, her mysteriously going into hiding, and then releasing Christmas & Chill weeks later remains one of my favorite moments in recent Pop history.
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  4. I can't wait for her to launch a pop emergency whenever she finally decides she's ready for her "cut my hair + dye it black" moment.
  5. She’s still on SCR but if she wasn’t she’d be #37 in the midweeks this week.
  6. is she... higher than #37 this week in the midweeks?
  7. Wait sorry, I meant she’s still on ACR. She’s #64, but would be #37 if she was on SCR. The label might take her off ACR by the end of the week, that’s happened a few times lately. If not, she’ll be on SCR next week as she’s currently on a 206% increase and will finally make the top 40+
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  8. Not a song that's spent barely 5 weeks on the UK charts being on ACR..... another example of why that chart rule is pure hubris, ego, and industry manipulation. Now we know why Billboard is the most reputable and respected chart in the world. I am... disgusted.

    *me if next week they move her back to SCR*: YAS we love the UK. An iconic country and chart. Yas!
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  9. She will be, she needs a 50% increase and is on 4x that. So you can stan our nonsensical charts next week when she’s charting higher than Michael Bublé.
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  10. Sorry what does ACR and SCR actually mean?
  11. SCR = Standard Chart Ratio
    ACR = Accelerated Chart Ratio

    Songs older than 10 weeks (I was of the impression it was 10 weeks on the chart, but apparently it's 10 weeks in general) have their streaming ratio reduced from the standard (1 download = 150 streams) to an accelerated one (1 download = 300 streams) to help old songs fall from the UK music singles chart faster.

    Songs that see a 50% increase (I think in solely sales) go back to SCR on the chart, and only go back to ACR if they go 3 weeks in a row with decreased activity.

    Because Santa Tell Me is 3 years old, it's designated as ACR.


  12. Why do I feel like it'll just be left over merch that wasn't sold during the tour so they're dumping it off at UO just for it to be even more overpriced than it already was? ~~~sigh~~~
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  13. The tour merch was gross. I'd have bought that original cap with the Times New Roman font but that's about it.
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  14. The tour merch was good before the graffiti font was introduced to the range
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  15. I love my tour shirt, it's just this
    image on black with the dates on the back. The graffiti font is gross though.
  16. Ddd queen of continuing to ruin her visuals by letting her friends handle them.
  17. Gaga says hello
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  18. Sis, I said friends. We're a long way before Ariana is taking photographs of a screen for texture herself ddd.
  19. I hope he's influencing her new shit.
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  20. Meanwhile:


    *Nicki voice* Number four on the Earth, no album ouuutttt
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