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Ariana Grande - thank u, next (5th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Oct 3, 2018.

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  2. Nokia's fans are suggesting Ari's 3 singles off this album steal Nokia's words, flows and complete bars... which is untrue. Do they sound similar in that one part? Sure. Did Nokia invent delivering lines the way Ari does in the song? No.
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  3. No one's talking about what Princess Nokia's fans are saying though dd. It's that Ariana is a white girl ripping off a song originally by a brown woman rapping about her hair
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  4. There’s definitely a similarity in that one specific part but I genuinely don’t think it’s a (conscious) ripoff? “YoU’Re jUsT gIvInG hEr a FrEe pAsS aNd CoDdLiNg hEr!!1” in 3, 2...
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  5. You're just giving her a free pass and coddling her
  6. Expire (love u)
  7. I mean tbh I heard more convincing comparisons to a sped up Pretty Boy Swag on Twitter.
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  8. Her streaming power is truly terrifying.
  9. Isn't her including Victoria and Tayla in both visuals and taking Social House on tour ...her way of making a statement about it? Giving her collaborators visibility and recognition and not keeping them locked in a closet buried in the song credits? Is that a reach?
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  10. Omg I stan.

    I’d never heard that song before but between this and Big Brovaz...
  11. Princess Nokia has built her career off stealing songs like she's the one last one to speak, that part is literally not even original and her thinking she invented it.. The delusion, it's just a normal trap hook...seen million times before.

    7 Rings is a bop and a half and she looked incredible in the video.
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  12. With all due respect to Princess Nokia (who I'm a huge fan of and admire her work a great deal), there are many other songs in the last year or two that sound pretty similar to 'Mine' also.

    I hear the similarities, but I don't think it's clear cut enough to say that she ripped it.
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  13. ddd regardless of whether or not the songs sound similar (they kinda do) or if Ari intentionally copied her (I highly doubt it), this fucking sent me
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  14. I really dont like Thank U Next
    Its a bit too repetitive for me.
    But Imagine and 7 rings i love. I feel like she is in her huge pop girl era at the moment where everything she touches turns to gold. It reminds me of the Loud/Talk That Talk era.

    Someone said on twitter its Ariana's world and we are just living in it and thats so true.
  15. Guys her ripping off a song is not the issue. We all know that happens in pop music every day and it's all good. But it's made worse within the context of Ariana's recent appearance/persona lately and the conversations about her appropriating latinx and black culture. Y'all know I've been a stan for years so this is not an easy conversation for me to have but I'm not about to pretend she's some queen for being a white girl doing... all that in the 7 rings video
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  16. I feel like some people are deliberately missing the point. Princess Nokia isn’t mad about Ariana copying a ‘commonly used flow’, she feels like a white girl is copying her song about black/brown women’s hair and having more success with it. Whether Ariana truly copied the song or not is obviously debatable, but I feel like people on here are usually less dismissive in cases like this (because yes, y’all are coddling her).
  17. Hannah Lux Davis at any hues which aren’t pink or blue
  18. absolutely decimating the competition on iTunes... #1 with an 80% lead and absolutely smashing on Apple Music and YouTube (11 mil+ already) with her occupying the majority of the trends on Twitter... she really won
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  19. This thread has been coddling her for months on the issue and it’s very disappointing.
  20. I love Princess Nokia, but she's so extra. The songs aren't really similar. They're both trap and that's about it. And I don't think one could consider singing about buying hair particularly original in 2019?
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