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Ariana Grande - thank u, next (5th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Oct 3, 2018.

  1. Yes I agree, I just think some people are running with the narrative that Ariana and her team are all white people creating her music from a place of appropriation, and that just does more to erase Tayla and Victoria’s work.

    But I’m a cracker, so I’m gonna shut up now.

    We know she’s smart enough to address this all in a thoughtful way, and I bet she will.
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  2. Well that didn’t age well.
  3. This is definitely a too simple take on the situation, but ultimately Ariana is the one transmitting the message you know? So Princess Nokia's (and other black/latinxs) concerns are pretty valid.
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  4. I honestly don't know how any artist would address something like this. Like... where do you even begin?
  5. Apologize. Sincerely.
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  6. The video reminds me of Gaga's John Wayne video... But really only because of the colors, and no i'm not trying to say she copied. It's just what it reminded me of and I found it amusing.
    And the song reminds me of this throwback that kids in my highschool would CONSTANTLY be singing

    I still like this song though, even if I don't really *get* the Favorite Things melody that I think they could've done without.
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  7. Which I said in my original post, but added that Tayla and Victoria’s presence in the creation added skipped over nuance.
  8. The notion that Ariana hijacked and repackaged some irrelevant Princess Nokia track for a hit is... random. You're acting like all these wafer thin braggadocios trap songs don't all live together on a massive 808 drum
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  9. Whoosh.
  10. Why am I screaming at Soulja Boy’s pitched up voice ajkdfkfk
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  11. send photo

    send photo Guest

    With a shower and a hard scrubbing.
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  12. Let me just say first that I definitely do not want to come off as being someone with an authoritative opinion in this situation because I myself am white, but I definitely think it’s possible for Ariana to collaborate with women of color and even feature them/talk about their contributions a lot and still be appropriating a culture that she doesn’t actually belong to.

    Like, Princess Nokia’s points are obviously valid. Even if Ariana didn’t intentionally use a similar melody or whatever in 7 Rings, just the optics of releasing a song that has similarities to Princess Nokia’s Mine, which literally talks about how women of color are judged and discriminated against for their hairstyles/decisions surrounding the upkeep of their hair, while Ariana is being celebrated and not being judged for buying hers just...isn’t great.
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  13. skdjfsdkkd ily
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  14. K94


    Sis - it's that she has a much larger platform, plus her white privilege in the industry, to repackage and make it a hit. Add the fact that Princess Nokia's song in question is intrinsically linked to her race, and you have a messy, appropriative situation. I'm a little disappointed considering how much I enjoy the song/video package.
  15. Bye
  16. R92


  17. [​IMG]
  18. It gave me strong John Wayne/Kream/Froot vibes with that colour palette and some added Takken fonts on It. I guess that's why I love it and I've been replaying all day.
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  19. I have to commend how committed some of the girls are to being obtuse.
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  20. Sis, come on.
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  21. Oh, that's kind of embarrassing.
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