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Ariana Grande - thank u, next (5th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Oct 3, 2018.

  1. As someone who's not an Ari stan and don't have stan goggles on for her, I don't think her song is a copy. Similar, sure. Rip off, No.

    Yikes. That is the most grandiose review i've ever read. And why'd she repost it? Yikes again.
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  2. Since I’m already burning my goodwill here, can I just say I’m so over a lot of the feminism Ari’s been pushing lately.
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  3. I'm screaming.
  4. R92


    Fingers-in-ears responses to valid criticism? Her Reputation is here!

    There is no recognition, only validation~
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  5. These last two pages have ended my life.
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  6. K94


    @RJF got more parachutes, sis?
  7. By the way, I think the criticism she's getting is VERY valid way beyond this song in particular. I just wanted to point out that I don't think this track is similar to Princess Nokia's. That's all. Bye.
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  8. Oh yikes. Ari, sis...
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  9. Ariana is in the middle of her imperial phase and could throw out any kind of dross to big success. I can't wrap my head around why she would siphon Princess Nokias art as opposed to just... creating it new. It's not that i dont understand the points being made - i just think the musical similarities are a coincidence
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  10. upload_2019-1-18_11-40-28.jpeg
  11. Nicki and Ariana are really about to Thelma & Louise it together, aren't they?
  12. This really is turning into a mess and people still acting like it's just about the song being a copy...listen to people, not only that but really pay attention to the people of color speaking up especially since they are bringing up legitimate issues concerning Ariana as of late. I'm white as fuck so let me shut up now.
  13. Gosh between the Twinky white ‘WE WANTED INTO YOU 2.0!!!!!’ gays complaining that she’s gone too urban and Princess Nokia calling her out for jacking her flow (which in itself isn’t very original by any stretch), the discourse around 7 Rings today has been illuminating!
  14. Y’all are expecting a lot of any pop star if you think they’re going to launch their new single with an apology for blackfishing. The song’s been out for 15 hours? She’ll repost her reviews, the positive fan reactions, etc. before it’s acknowledged, surely.
  15. Re: Ariana being “woke” on social issues and how this is ‘out of character’: It’s not much of a mental leap for a white woman to understand misogyny, or even LGBT issues as both of those are directly relevant to white women. It’s very easy and quite common for white feminists to go through their lives oblivious to the racial implications their words and actions have. There’s a deeper level of introspection required there.
  16. I doubt it.
  17. Let me burn mine as well. It's the typical celebrity lowkey lib fem that pretends to be intersectional. It's the type of feminism that became ridiculously mainstream and that does nothing for anyone except make 15 yo girls think it's empowering to post naked pictures online.
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  18. Anyway...

    The video is totally Ari as Chanel No.2 and I am living for it.
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  19. When you play 7 rings and mine back to back they do sound similar. Sorry Ari.
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