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Ariana Grande - thank u, next (5th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Oct 3, 2018.

  1. I think Ariana would have sounded nice on it, but she probably decided she wasn't at the point yet to put a song on the album that explicitly references lyrics of Mac's while also talking about seeing him once she finally dies too.

    It'd be sentimental and sweet if Njomza is able to put it out eventually herself.
  2. 'Needy' is really just out there calling me out. Rude.
  3. Give you the whole world.

    Imma need space.

    Imma need space, Imma Imma need space.

    You know I’m a star, space.

    Imma need space, Imma Imma need space.

    Imma need space.

  4. A few days later, I think I need to update my thoughts on this. I'm no longer feeling disconnected at all. Much the opposite. I think this is a fantastic record and I'm so proud of what she's created here.

    imagine - Still makes me feel so warm and light. One of her best vocal performances. I can't find the words to describe how I feel about this, but it's beautiful.
    needy - Honestly, drag me! A whole bop and more! The lyrics to this are almost painfully relatable.
    NASA - Well, this grew on me quickly. I can bop to the chorus now and I honestly love this a ton. I saw that someone pointed out how the topic of the songs goes straight from being needy to needing space and I love that!
    bloodline - WHAT A BOP! Still in love with the instrumentation. I want to hear this in the gay bar I go to because I feel like we would all have the best time with this!
    fake smile - A favourite of mine! It's so well written. The only thing is that I still don't love the bridge but I'm getting there.
    bad idea - One of the best songs here, even though I didn't see that initially. Still actually laughing out loud at the "Ari-chan" but in a fond way.
    make up - I've seen a lot of hate for this but it's cute! I actually really enjoy it????
    ghostin - A career triumph. Lyrics are gorgeous and so personal. I love the choice to exclude percussion. I literally get chills every time I listen to this.
    in my head - HER VOCALS ON THE CHORUS ARE STILL EVERYTHING! It's not my favourite on the album but it's still good for sure.
    7 rings - This is still a mess. No.
    thank u, next - TRIUMPH! A perfect confessional iconic pop moment. She did that!
    break up with your boyfriend, i'm bored - Hey, I like this one too. Awkwardness of the video aside. This is really fun!
  5. help I’ve fallen and I can’t get yuhp
  6. Ari won a Grammy!
  7. I was seriously dismayed at the possibility of the Grammys paying her dust from now due to the producer drama, but I’m so glad I get to write Grammy award winner Ariana Grande. She only needs one anyway, as Brit will tell ya.
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  8. ghostin' is such a moment. Just watched that Zach Sang interview where Ari said that they could only write two verses because it was too hard which is why the strings come along in such a big way. It's like they come in to help say what they couldn't say anymore. It's truly such a beautiful song and a triumph, not just of Ariana and her team but just of music, songwriting and producing generally.

    It's really doing something to me tonight, I guess.
  9. I had to listen to the album after all because of a rate in another forum.

    bloodline is my fave, but I'm still not feeling the other tracks. Maybe it's me after all.

    Congrats on her Grammy for Sweetener and I hope she leaves Twitter as soon as possible because she needs it.
  11. I haven't felt the urge to return to "bloodline."
  12. feel it.
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  13. bloodline is one of those that is just impossible not to return too I think.
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  14. Same, it's so so good at last she's getting recongtion too.
  15. This year is such an absolute triumph for her. I’m really happy for this petite but powerful girl. Let’s keep it that way.

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  18. Had my first proper listen to this with headphones last night in bed and... wow. There’s so much rich detail within the production and lyrics to take in. I was not ready for ghostin’ to do me like that. The bass in bad idea fully sent me too.

    7 Rings is easily the worst thing here with bad idea, ghostin’, fake smile and bloodline being the standouts at the moment.
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