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Ariana Grande - thank u, next (5th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Oct 3, 2018.

  1. You had a great run in this thread, but @superultra cancelled.
  2. It's probably my least favorite, 7 rings aside.
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  3. the only songs I'll accept as "least favorite" are BUWYGIB and 7 Cockrings

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  4. I get the issues with 7 Rings but honestly I really like it, it's so hypnotic.
  5. Everyday MV should've had Break Up MV's overall tone and vice versa.
  6. ghostin, may just be her greatest album track yet.
  7. ‘NASA’ is one of her best songs ever. It’s just so good.
  8. Needy does absolutely nothing for me.
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  9. Thank U, Next album is (obviously) midweek #1 in the UK, with 31.3k sales so far!

    Break Up with Your Girlfriend, I'm Bored is #2, but only 41 sales behind 7 Rings. Needy is her third highest song and is on course for #6 (only three songs from the same artist are eligible to chart). Hoping that Bloodline overtakes it in time for Friday's chart tbh
  10. I like “needy,” but it feels so much like an interlude.
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  11. After spending a little bit of time with it, I'd put it on a par with Sweetener overall. There are no bad tracks here like the couple on Sweetener, but there is nothing as exquisite as the three Sweetingles. It is also very "consistent" in the sense that there is little variation to break up some of the tracks. Sweetener did not suffer this because a handful of songs were so jarring (either at first, or still).I think as a complete package it will make for the preferred listen in the long run, but it definitely doesn't blow it's predecessor out of the water by any means.

    Bad Idea, Ghostin', and Fake Smile are absolutely killer though.
  12. Make Up sounds like a lost Talk That Talk album cut. The topline feels like something Ester Dean could’ve written.
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  13. All good to hear.
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  14. Yeah it's my favorite thing here ddd And it goes off in the club.
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  16. I play the album from NASA onwards and it is flawless.
  17. bad idea, NASA and bloodline scream radio friendly single. Make it happen queen.
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  18. I like "bloodline," you heathens. Wait until I get over "bad idea," "in my head," and "ghostin" to come back to it. Damn.
  19. Ghostin' has had the most impact on me.
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  20. I have the feeling she won't be releasing any more singles this era unless a song absolutely smashes on streaming (what happened with "breathin'") and presents itself as an obvious choice. She probably will let the whole album do the work.
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