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Ariana Grande - thank u, next (5th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Oct 3, 2018.

  1. I mentioned it before, but she implied “Break Up” was the last release from the era in her Instagram post about the video
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  2. Currently obsessed with NASA. The layers of harmonies are transcendent
  3. I didn't really read that post as "we weren't getting anymore videos at all"... just that we were getting 1 more video that night along with the album.

    But who knows with her lately? She might release the next album in a few weeks...ddd.
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  4. I do think she needs a little break just to relax and enjoy the success she has rightfully earned.

    Go on tour, have fun, etc. I would be here for a lowkey releas early spring 2020. She's gotten her imperial phase moment as the biggest act in pop. Dig deep and give us more experimentation that this album showed signs off. Take the time to explore further than vocal production. It'd be exciting to see her just play around and discover new parts of herself musically.
  5. Can't stop listening to Bad Idea! Poor neighbours :P
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  6. She made several points with Fake Smile, whew.
  7. Okay but Bad Idea/Bloodline and Ghostin’ need to be singles. Serve us the moody winter-y ballad now and dominate the summer with the bangers.
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  8. Ghostin will sadly never be a single. Ariana herself said she almost didnt include it in the album due to how touching it is for her, and apparently confirmed it isnt making the tour setlist. So i cant see her making it a single sadly. I'm sure it'd smash!
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  9. I love all of this.
  10. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    Finally got through all this and it's a bit samey - ghostin is a standout though.
  11. Proper cute!
  12. Surely there’s more singles after Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I’m Bored... Bad Idea.
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  13. Bad Idea should be the next single with a radio edit of course. Bloodline would smash after that. And close the era with Fake Smile. Would be perfect.

    I'd personally close it with Ghostin' but sadly she finds the song too sad so I don't see her ever releasing it.

    Scooter convincing her to put it on the album is a miracle in itself.
  14. I can't see her release 'Ghostin' either considering she said she couldn't even finish the song because of how heartwrenching it was for her. It's gonna be a classic within the fanbase rather than the GP, and that's fine.

    Realistically, it should be between 'Bad Idea', 'Bloodline' and 'Fake Smile', but I know she would push something like 'Make Up'. Although, could see her push 'Needy' and 'NASA' too - which are both good, so I would be fine with it,, you know...cute next to the gorgeous 'Bad Idea'.
  15. I don't actually see the point in more singles in this day and age for an album this successful.mp3

    The album reached its destined audience already. Radio play is secondary when you have virtually limitless playlist adds. Ariana would film the next video in her bedroom with her new *spins wheel* guinea pig. Unless there's a chance for a remix she'll probably call it quits, and that's perfectly okay.
  16. It's true that these days it's very hard to define what a single is and isn't. I. I mean, Sweetneer became another top 40 hit for her and that was never an official single release.
  17. Well, Sweetner was a song that peaked high. It wasn't a "hit". It had no life beyond one week.
  18. OK, not hit as such I agree, but top 40 entry all the same.
  19. the ENTIRE album is expected to debut within the top 40 of the Billboard Hot 100
    'break up with your girlfriend, i'm bored' to be blocked from #1 by '7 rings'
    'thank u, next' shattering nearly every streaming record on Spotify and Apple Music
    'thank u, next' (song) is eligible for 4x Platinum in the US and '7 rings' is already eligible for Platinum
    critical acclaim + 87 on Metacritic
    the entire album flooding charts worldwide

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  20. I don’t mind her not releasing any other singles from this project. I mean, in the space of less than a year we’ve gotten 6 singles from her which I’m more than happy with. Plus, her streaming numbers are so astronomical that promoting any of the tracks on the album as the next single won’t make much difference. Every song is thriving on its own.

    Plus I think now she’s pouring all her energy into Coachella and the tour and really finessing the live experience of both sweetener and thank u, next.
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