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Ariana Grande - thank u, next (5th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Oct 3, 2018.

  1. @Sanctuary writing their latest 9 paragraph dissertation on some shit opinion.

  2. This isn't historically accurate without a Bernie Sanders cap photoshopped in somewhere.
  3. Not on Beyoncé's watch.
  4. No Tears and The Way are on a different level. Dangerous Woman is kinda excellent and I have more time for it the more time passes. Problem aged how y’all claim Break Free did (while the latter remains immaculate). Thank u, next is...fine. I’ll like it more in retrospect I think.
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  5. “Break Free” is a weird way to spell Problem
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  6. Just came to add my love to No Tears Left To Cry. A pop song of true excellence in every single way. I still find it so exhilarating to listen to.

    And the fact that’s it not even her best single makes it even more of a triumph. (See: Into You)
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  7. Break Free was the song that made me an Ariana fan. Would love something like that from again in the future but can't see it.
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  8. Dangerous Woman = NTLTC > The Way > Thank U, Next > Problem
    Into You = God Is A Woman > Break Free > Baby I > 7 Rings
    Breathin > Break Up = Right There > Side To Side > Bang Bang
    Everyday = Love Me Harder

    Honestly if I had my way the whole second row would be equal signs but fitting it in the context of what ones I could and could not live without helped a lot. Also I re-listened to The Way for this and almost cried so I'm saying it's on par with DW and NTLTC but due to me being emo it's bumped to second, just felt important to put out there because I do love it to bits.
  9. She brought out Justin Bieber for her Coachella set.

  10. RJF


    What did he even do?
  11. RJF


    Oh wait how did I miss this?
    You are a chronic disaster.
  12. Lipsynched for his life and announced an album "out soon".
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  13. Well that was awkward as fuck.
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  14. His performance is as lazy as the Purpose tour - him missing his cue was awful as well. How pointless.
  15. Remind people of his white mediocrity,
  16. I've never ever got the appeal of this man at all whatsoever.
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  17. The international implications.
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  18. Poor Jisoo.
  19. Red Velvet feeling agitated...
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