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Ariana Grande - thank u, next (5th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Oct 3, 2018.

  1. I'm inclined to agree, though from what I've seen, there's quite a lot of OTT stage theatrics at the recent Taylor shows to make them really entertaining even if she only really does three dance steps, and during the acoustic moments there does seem to be a pretty great connect with the audience.

    Based on YT clips Ari seems a lot less confident in most stage settings I've seen. And though technically a fantastic singer I don't find her style as powerful as, say, Adele or Beyonce who sort of choose their moments to be showy a bit more effectively IMO.

    (Not basing this on actually having seen her though and am still pretty stoked about going to the London date later this year so maybe I'll eat my words...)
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  2. Ddd this is so dumb but it made me laugh
  3. Agreed. She's very consistent at making music but she is extremely lacking in the charisma department and while she has a cute voice, she seems completely unable to belt or project any power, it's all whispering.
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  4. I much prefer Ari's voice to Beyonce's (too much melisma/vibrato!) and Adele's (too one-note!). I might need a Rosetta Stone to understand the lyrics on some of Ari's earlier records, but I think her voice is way more versatile. That's not to say Beyonce/Adele can't sing (patently false), it's just splitting hairs I suppose.

    And the thought of Taylor standing in front of a microphone with only her voice and no theatrics is kind of a nightmarish scenario. Girlfriend's flat more than she's on-pitch, IMO.
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  5. Her voice has seriously matured over the years, and those are some of the best moments during her concerts.
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  6. Ariana just wants to sing.
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  7. "Extremely lacking in the charisma department"

    What in the Little Mix/The Saturdays of it all?

    Ariana is many things but lacking in charisma isn't one of them.
  8. Ddd not to keep stanning out for them in Ariana’s thread but Little Mix literally have infinitely more charisma on stage than Ari?
  9. Yeah, I don't rate Little Mix at all, but they're insanely good performers.

    The Saturdays, on the other hand... can't knock 'em for trying!
  10. Ddd imagine thinking Little Mix aren't some of the best performers out there.
  11. Outside of Bey and Gaga, there’s no other Western act that can touch them performing wise
  12. Too bad Little Mix can’t release music that matches their performance talent.
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  13. What the hell is the first line of NASA's chorus? Some lyric sites and Apple Music say "give you the whole world"... but it doesn't sound like she's singing enough syllables...

    is it "be the whole world"?
  14. It's more of a "gi-ya the whole world"
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  15. RMK


    The good sis just doesn't sing with diction dd
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  16. I thought it was "get off-world", and I honestly still wish it was that. It's much more compact and fits in better with the space travel/alone time theme.
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  18. Just... look up the lyrics?
  19. I mentioned it in my post. Apple Music has them listed, but it just doesn't sound right. The vinyl doesn't feature them, does the CD booklet?
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  20. PARDON?!!!
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