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Ariana Grande - thank u, next (5th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Oct 3, 2018.

  1. I understand sometimes artists might not enjoy some of their past music and the context related to it but it doesn't make it any less bitter when you read these things. Especially since the type of music she likes to make is... REM.

    Not a fan of the video, her face looks distorted and the color grading makes her look really odd and overdone. It's nice that she's giving a visual to another Thank U, Next song, though.

    Has anyone gone to the tour? I'd be interested to make a Bday gift to myself and go this August but I'm not sure if the show is worth it.
  2. That’s because they distorted it nn
  3. Oh, they did? I thought it was the case of Ariana pulling a Madonna and telling the director to add some layers of light and coloring on her face
  4. I'd be really curious to see which tracks (and singles) she considers to be the compromises. The day 'Problem' dropped was the day I started paying proper attention to her. Something about that song really screamed an artist/label making a big for the a-list. I know she's not a huge fan of it but I love that.

    The first time I heard 'Break Free' and the 'My Everything' album it was clear that she was sacrificing artistic integrity to make it big. I even love some of those songs, 'Break Free' and 'One Last Time' in particular. But 'Dangerous Woman' felt like a step even further on the game player route. I'm glad she's managed to turn things around and create music she excels in on the past two albums.
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  5. Meh, she still praised Break Free and its video on its anniversary and shit like that. It's no different to Madonna calling songs like Into the Groove and Cherish the r-word. If Ari hates Problem, she has better taste than y'all give her credit for
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  6. No, her face and body is distorted throughout. Her eyes are bulging out of her head at one point.
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  7. This is the closest thing to another single we will get, so I’m glad In My Head - aka the best song on the album cause we can’t really count ghostin’ - was the chosen one.
  8. Ok, her giving another visual to one of my favorites off the album has completely reinvigorated my interest. Well done, everyone.
  9. She didn't say she hated any of the earlier music she made, she just acknowledged that it's not the type of music she wanted to make which is common for pop artists early on in their careers
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  11. Love that In My Head got this cute little video.
    2nd best song on the album definitely deserved it.

    Personally I think there's 1000 amazing treatments they could have done for Fake Smile, but 4 videos from an era is definitely nothing to be scoffed at, especially in 2019 and especially when you consider the album only has 12 tracks.
  12. How long did this take you
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  13. That bit where she talks about Manchester and the families hit me hard. I’m happy if she never wants to talk about it but also super proud of her when she talks about it so realistically.
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  14. "The fake wokes are waiting to attack!”

  15. The Max Martin tracks were compromises obviously.
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  16. Cute visual... I’m a fan of a Video By Vogue deal.

    Not an official video, but something to serve editorials and visuals to a well loved track? Here for it!
  17. Not a fan of her looking ambiguously brown on the Vogue cover, but I’m glad she acknowledged the superior song from thank u, next with a video.
  18. Imagine throwing shade at a song as exceptional as Into You.
  19. We clearly know, album after album, her taste sucks. So I guess her judgement of this might be off too. But alas.
  20. The visuals are pretty decent for a video of sort. I love the whole vibe of it.

    I think what I liked the most was the weird echo/live-vocals sound effects? Somehow totally elevated the song for me (and I already liked it to begin with).
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