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Ariana Grande - thank u, next (5th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Oct 3, 2018.

  1. Really?! Can not! Let me stick to my out-of-print DVD then.
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  2. The middle bit I...
  3. A bop.
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  4. Honestly- the ticket package was a little misleading so we were there for about 1/2 of the full package, Q&A, the games, some words in with her but didn't get to the photo. Which, I mean, that sucks but she's sweet.

    The VIP room was atrociously boring.
  5. Wait- if you didn’t get a picture with her surely it wasn’t a meet and greet? She does these in a photo booth. Did they cancel it?
  6. No- they separated people into 2 different groups. One got half the meet and greet- then we got put into two different rooms after we talked with her. It made me frustrated because they were all the same package listed on the ticket website.
  7. Why does the title track remind me of J.Lo? Sounds like one of the songs from This is Me... then.

  8. A businesswoman!
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  9. RJF


    A business, woman.
  10. Unplaceable familiarity is kind of your thing, isn't it?
  11. Side note. LOVE her on Mom. So funny.
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  12. Haha. Is it?
  13. How long do we reckon it will be until ‘Don’t Call Me Angel’ and the soundtrack are out? The film is out Nov 15th I believe, so it seems a bit early for all of this to be teased.
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  14. They'll probably release a couple songs before the full soundtrack is released. I'd say we're gonna get something in mid-August
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  15. [​IMG]
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  16. What is the opposite of pop justice?
  17. This.
  18. Eh, the way ‘Thank U, Next’ sort of transcended its beginnings and wormed its way into millennial dialect will always make it the one to beat in terms of cultural impact and association with her. It was also the first moment she really scored a megahit that didn’t just feel huge for a female-fronted pop track but legitimately inescapable.

    I mean, it’s also far from her best but I also think it had ostensibly more impact than ‘7 Rings’ ever will.
  19. Thank U Next and 7 Rings definitely feel like her biggest hits to me and I have no real issue with them being her biggest hits, even if some other singles are better. Break Up With Your Girlfriend is truly a C+ song at best, so that one I'd be irritated with. Her biggest hits should be No Tears Left to Cry, God Is A Woman, and Into You. But Thank U Next and 7 Rings are fine.
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