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Ariana Grande - thank u, next (5th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Oct 3, 2018.

  1. The last time I got such a strong “tacked on a bit from a completely different song” feeling was for Mel C on Headlines ddd.
  3. Me listening to this song (before/after/during):

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  4. It's so good that I'll be scouring Ariana stan twitter for a solo edit that cuts out Miley & Lana's parts.

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  5. Well...

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  6. Lana's "fighter" bits were giving me life but her making absolutely zero effort in the catwalk scenes sent me. Whenever she smiles is such a moment though.
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  7. Destiny Hope's Child

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  8. The song is sooooo underwritten but the video is fun!
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  9. "Independent Women" remains unbothered.
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  10. Meh. The song and video should both be better considering the talent involved. It's just sort of there. Not awful, but I'm not particularly excited to listen to or watch it again.
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  11. Even Pink's "Feel Good Time" is safe. The video is so much more exciting that the audio.
  12. It's shit. They could do so much better.
  13. This very much feels like it was an Ariana outtake. It even gives me a feeling the video only happened because she wanted to wear the wings.
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  14. It's definitely short of what it could have been.
    They blend well together and the sequencing (Miley on the first verse, Ariana on the 2nd/chorus, Lana on the bridge) works really well. The song itself is just a bit basic.

    We shall be bopping nonetheless.
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  15. Miley’s twang doesn’t fit with the song. The visuals were cute though.
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  16. Is she really gonna bankrupt us with every release now?
  17. So the song is terrible.
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  18. The video is cute but melody feels off in the verses. The chorus is fun and I liked Lana’s bit, to echo what others have said it does feels like an Ariana outtake. But still, I bop.
  19. I low key love that synth line and wish Ari went off as hard in her verse as Miley did in hers.

    Lana killed it.
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