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Ariana Grande - thank u, next (5th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Oct 3, 2018.

  1. It’s literally like a Disney live action remake of a song.
  2. Incredible.
  3. I really like this, but I wonder how flat it sounded before Miley and Lana came on board. Their parts are moments, and then Ariana's verse is just there.
  4. I prefer the Max Martin tracks on both albums over every other track on them.
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  5. As my first post stated when I said that her music has started becoming samey I was referring to the material on Thank U Next and what has since come after. The Sweetener singles remain amazing and her true artistic peak. And in my opinion Thank U Next and Seven Rings have plenty of things in common, namely the instagram caption-friendly lyricism which got old very fast.

    Ariana is a brilliant artist but she hasn't delivered a brilliant song since Sweetener, which is barely a year old like you noted but she has also released plenty of other songs since. And yes no one is expecting a soundtrack single to be her career best but plenty of them have managed to be up there with the rest of the artist's discography (namely the theme song for the original Charlies Angels movie) and not it.
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  6. I think the fuck not.
  7. Ghostin', as previously noted, yes. The rest...

  8. You just keeping digging yourself deeper, I'd stop because no one here would agree with this shit assessment
  9. They played Don't Call Me Angel last night at the club...half of the people was confused about it, waiting for the song to explode at some was quickly replaced by Kesha's Timber...
  10. Now that's a song.
  11. Well i appreciate when artists & producers spend time brainstorming and getting inspired rather than throwing a beat and a lazy melody just to get songs out.
  12. So reaction was quite negative?
    A shame.. I'm really hooked with this song, its a great grower
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  13. We will do no such thing.

    I can't at the meltdowns over what's supposed to be a fun song for a teen movie soundtrack. Why does everything have to be so serious??
  14. It's interesting (to me) how her singles during this imperial phase can be split into two categories

    Career Defining Bops™
    No Tears Left to Cry
    God Is A Woman
    Thank U, Next

    7 Rings*
    Break Up with Your Girlfriend, I'm Bored
    Don't Call Me Angel

    With this in mind I understand the criticisms. I wouldn't say her single choices are samey as such, it's just that post-7 Rings they've felt throwaway. The type of songs that just won't be remembered.

    One could argue that 7 Rings is a Career Defining Bop but... ugh. Maybe it sits as a bridge between the two categories.
  15. 7 Rings seems super loved by the general public and went off on tour so it could be very well remembered in years to come. Regardless of what you think of the song’s quality, it’s definitely one of her signature songs.
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  16. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    I still haven't heard 7 Rings all the way through since it was released. It taints Thank U Next to be honest.
  17. It's literally the biggest song of her career and often the longest-charting.
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  18. 7 Rings on tour went OOOOF
  19. I have a love-hate relationship with "7 rings." I still mindlessly bop to it, but I also acknowledge and support every criticism of the song, especially the ones involving race. I know it's an integral part of her career due to the success it brought her, yet it's largely inessential to the narrative of thank u, next.
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