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Ariana Grande - thank u, next (5th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Oct 3, 2018.

  1. Exactly. I never seek it out but my friends (admittedly most are unseasoned and local) are obsessed with Ari so we always shuffle her at my parties and 7 Rings goes down like a riot every single time. I even catch myself getting into it. I don't know if it's just them all stanning and being contagiously excited for it, but it does slap in certain situations.
  2. Don’t Call Me Angel knocks hard.
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  3. RainOnFire

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    Dua would've snapped on this. She sounds like she'd be a great fit for the production (it vaguely reminds me of Swan Song) and she'd have the same bite that Miley provides and Ariana lacks. Ariana works on the chorus, but someone else was needed for the second verse.

    I actually love the demented ringtone instrumental but this seems to be getting weaker every time I listen to it. It's definitely better than Boyfriend though so letscelebratethat.gif
  4. And i think it's the biggest female solo song of the year WW & US
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  5. I will be giving 7 rings a very healthy score in this year’s Big Pop Girl rate.
  6. RMK


    I prefer Bang Bang to Don't Call Me Angel, and that shouldn't be the case.

    Lana served. Miley also sounded great, but those lyrics during her verse are atrocious.
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  7. I actually don’t think Dua would have worked that well on this except maybe on the more laidback middle-8 of Lana, but... like... surely you’d be better off with Lana than Dua for that?

    I think, on the other hand, Nightmare!Halsey could have brought a similar grit to Miley (as well as just as much "mainstream relevancy"), but that would be bringing a 4th girl in - and that kinda goes against the whole Charlie Angels angle, doesn't it.
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  8. Bang Bang was always a bop. I never understood the disdain for it here. I always thought it was one of Nicki's best verses and Ariana sounds great on it. Switch out Jessie J for Xtina and it would've been a classic for the ages.

    Don't Call Me Angel is a C+ but I'll bop along for a month or so before I get tired of it.
  9. 7 rings is ridiculously fun teebs. I understand why it’s hated but hearing it at the club or in any situation where I’ve had a few too many vodka sodas fully sends me.
  10. It's predicted to debut at #1 in the UK, her 6th. She's close to tying Miss Glynne's record of the most UK #1s by a female artist

    edit: I can't read, apparently
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  11. Jess Glynne's record is (thankfully) only for the most UK #1s by a female artist from the UK. Madonna holds the most #1s for all female artists, with 13.
  12. Jess Glynn having that many #1s is truly tragic.
  13. Of course you will.
  14. 7 Rings will easily be my lowest score from the album.

    Because 9.5 is less than 10.
  15. 7 Rings won’t be getting a 0 from me because ME! and You Need To Calm Down exist.
  16. Considering 7 Rings is a complete rip off of Big Brovaz with some added cultural appropriation, I will most certainly not be giving it a high score in the BPG rate. It doesn't deserve one.

    If you consider yourself 'woke' or whatever I'm not sure how you can just look past all that.
  17. Sis.
  18. I’d put them on the same level.
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  19. hmm
  20. It literally is though? I'm not saying Big Brovaz are some hugely successful band, they're obviously not. But 7 Rings is the exact same type of concept, lyrics and sound as Favourite Things.
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