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Ariana Grande - thank u, next (5th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Oct 3, 2018.

  1. Fuck Julie Andrews' drag, right?
  2. You know Favourite Things existed before Big Brovaz, right?
  3. Obviously, which is what I meant by 7 Rings being the same as the concept of Big Brovaz - Favourite Things, which is of course sampling the original Sound of Music - Favourite Things but singing about modern day luxuries.
  4. Not with that avatar, sis.
  5. Using my avatar to dismiss criticism of other artists? Groundbreaking. Can you come up with something else.gif

    Look, I'm a fan of Ariana. I've said many times here how much I love Thank U Next. I've spent 80 damn euro to see her in concert this Sunday.

    But just cause she's your fave, she is not immune from criticism*. I'm certainly not qualified to speak about cultural appropriation, but several users laid out why 7 Rings was problematic back when it was released, particularly the 'you like my hair? gee thinks just bought it' line.

    Basically this post by @superultra is much better than anything I could say about it.

    *And yes I HAVE criticised Taylor in the past, both for being silent on politics (which she has since changed her tune about) and for some of her songs being shit.
  6. Seeing her tomorrow - pals are asking about the clear bag thing... I can still have stuff in my pockets right? Isn't it just that you can't bring any bags except clear ones in? My phone and wallet in my trousers is fine surely?
  7. I doubt whoever produced 7 Rings knew what a Pig Brova is, so rip off it is not. Maybe you wanted to say 'I liked the Big Brovaz song back in the day so this serves me nothing new?'. In which case fair enough.

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  8. Yeah, but I’m not disagreeing with any of that. I just think the “how can you call yourself ‘woke’ if you like [x]!” train of thought is a bit much. The user whose post you linked to, @superultra just posted this on the other page:
    Maybe it's easier for some to separate the art from the artist, or the art from its ... problematicness, or whatever compartmentalization is necessary. I acknowledge the problems with 7 rings, I know overall it's a pretty corny song, and yet sometimes... I bop. I've mentioned specifically enjoying the middle-8 more than the rest of the song numerous times on here.

    Like, we could go down the rabbit hole with the "how you can be 'woke' and like this!" argument for virtually any pop star with a thread on this forum, including/especially Taylor, which is why I even went for the low-hanging fruit of your avatar.
  9. Agree, that's why I'm hoping for an official remix to be release soon...
  10. For the record, "7 rings" is the only Ariana song that I deliberately don't stream because I still don't want my coins backing the controversy that stirred behind it.
  11. I don't care of it's a carbon copy of thank u, next boyfriend is such a bop
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  12. I think of all this is totally fair enough. I acknowledge Ariana has been a little problematic but I'm still a fan, I still stream and am going to her concert.

    Like you said, almost every popstar has been problematic at some point in their career, whether it was 2009 or 2019.

    I suppose what annoyed me enough to write the post was some people seem completely incapable of EVER criticising their fave and it just gets a bit frustrating. You can be a fan and still want someone to do better.
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  13. Really excited to see Ariana in Dublin on Sunday night!!
    Just wondering if anyone who has already been to her show can give an idea of how long does her support act play for (I’m going on my own and just want to see Ariana really)
    and how long does Ariana perform for?
    I plan to turn up just as she’s hitting the stage.
  14. If you follow the 3arena twitter account they almost always post stage times up in advance of each gig.

    I’m going Sunday too.
  15. Y'all better be getting 'imagine' into the Top 10 of the BPG Rate.
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  16. There are much stronger songs on the album even though imagine’s still great!
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  17. aux


    I'll somehow make Honey by Robyn win the BPG Rate
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  18. [​IMG]
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