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Ariana Grande - thank u, next (5th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Oct 3, 2018.

  1. The lack of taste. I'll be more realistic then. Is 'in my head' a sure-fire Top 10 candidate?
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  2. First time seeing her. It was fun and she was pitch perfect but it was a rare gig that didn’t leave me sweaty and transcendental. It was pleasant and made me remember I like the recent album tracks.
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  3. Last night was amazing. My first time seeing her and the show was so good. I’m so surprised at the space we had in Golden Circle, you could have literally walked around with her as she walked round the stage. ps Into You is still THAT bop.
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  4. This! So much room. I saw someone ask for a M&G refund because they didn't want to be 'squashed in the sweaty pit with hundreds of people' and laughed. Fools.
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  5. Was this the golden circle or the inner stage pit? I'm golden circle and the photos I've seen at other dates make it look super busy!
  6. She was amazing.

    We were up in the gods of the 3rd tier but still lived our best life.

    We were talking about how the standing section was split in to sections and even the pit in the centre of the stage looked like people could breathe which is nice for a change.

    Break Free was my highlight of the night, the whole arena just went off. Great from start to finish though.
  7. The Golden Circle had loads of space last night, people were dancing in groups and stuff, from what we could see.

    They definitely mapped it out well to let people be comfortable.
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  8. Bit disappointed that Angel is “only” #2 in the UK midweeks...thought the star power alone would be enough to get this to debut at #1
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  9. Someone is selling an outtake she recorded for Ed's collab album:

  10. Early predictions have this debuting at #12 but it’s extremely close to #10. I love Miley and Lana but I’ll scream if their collab with Ari debuts lower than her collab with Social House.
  11. I mean it's not like it's three powerhouse fanbases joining together as a force to be reckoned with. It's all the same retired twinks.
  12. Does anyone know where this second picture is from?
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  13. Fresh out the perfumery!

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  14. Okay but this bops don't come for me.
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  15. The worrying thing about it not being included is that it's potentially been saved for something else.
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  16. Scooter worked hard after seeing this
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  17. Her preshow playlist is BOP filled, Wannabe, I Want It That Way, 7 Things (Miley), Glamorous (Fergie) and My My My (Troye)!
  18. Oh my god, Ari shows some taste.
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  19. Rob


    Sorry as it's probably been asked before but what are the stage times? Seeing her in Dublin tomorrow and ready to be scalped.
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