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Ariana Grande - thank u, next (5th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Oct 3, 2018.

  1. Oh my god, Ari shows some taste.
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  2. Rob


    Sorry as it's probably been asked before but what are the stage times? Seeing her in Dublin tomorrow and ready to be scalped.
  3. Not a particularly eventful song but it would easily have slotted onto the album alongside the other collabs; not sure why it didn't make the tracklist?
  4. Not today Satan. Not today.
  5. That song is better than most of the actual album.
  6. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Ariana is a much bigger name than Ed and he probably felt threatened
  7. This sounds okay at best.
  8. LP


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  9. My.God.
    She was amazing in Dublin tonight!! And to think I almost didn’t go as my boyfriend dumped me yesterday and I didn’t really have the heart to go tonight....but thank goodness I did as it all felt very cathartic.
    Ariana is every inch the leading pop girl and she commanded the stage with such fierce presence and the stage production was gorgeous.
    The whole show felt like one amazing music video....just stunning!!
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  10. So how is Don't Call Me Angel performing?
  11. No. 1 in Scotland, No. 2 in Ireland and the UK, No. 4 in Australia and No. 6 in New Zealand.
  12. Saw her last night, she was good. I was really happy with the set list, as I didn't look it up in advance, I always like to be surprised. Opening with God is a Woman was brilliant and Bad Idea went off, it's my fave song on Thank U Next so I'm really happy she sang it. Also really happy she included songs like Be Alright, Into You, Only 1 and Dangerous Woman....loved all of those. No Tears Left to Cry was probably the highlight, it was obviously amazing.

    I WISH she sang Goodnight n Go's my fave from Sweetener so I was disappointed about that. My only other complaint is the same one I had when I saw her in 2017, that she doesn't interact with the crowd at all. All we got was a couple of 'Whats up Dublin!'s. I know it's not that big a deal, especially when she has such an amazing voice, but the last few concerts I've been to the artist always makes an effort to interact, tell stories etc. and I just felt that was missing.

    Regardless though she was great and I had a brilliant time.
  13. I saw her in Sheffield and I actually loved the fact that she just blasted through her set with little interaction. I understand a lot of people love that kind of thing, but I feel like it meant she could fit another song in by not doing it.

    Alas she was really good in Sheffield, we all know her voice is amazing but it's so good to hear it live.
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  14. Angel is #13 on Hot 100.
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  15. Mess
  16. I went with my best friend last night and had the best time ever. We got standing and managed to get front row and the right hand side of the runway so we were pretty much arms length distance away from her strutting up and down, but we were so close that we would notice how much she would avoid any form eye contact and interaction with the surrounding crowd and would resort to looking towards the ground.

    I don't blame her for that at all since she's so focused on putting on the best show that she possible can give and serve vocals, especially given how taxing it is for her before each show, and it was incredible since she just went through bop after bop without lifting her thigh high boot heel from our necks.

    We also had the most annoyingly obnoxious girl behind us who was trying to get us to move since she was too short to see before being told off by the cute dad standing next us and had to be escorted away by the security in front of the barrier dd.
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  17. Going to see her tomorrow night and I cannot wait!
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  18. Can anyone once and for all tell me what the backing vocals on "bad idea" are saying?

    Is it, 'are you done?"
  19. Ari-chan, they're on a jacket she's wearing in the 7 Rings video
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