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Ariana Grande - thank u, next (5th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Oct 3, 2018.

  1. "last one for a while"
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  2. According to Billboard's decade-end lists, she's the biggest female artist of the 2010s to have debuted in the decade.
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  3. I'm genuinely surprised that this doesn't sample "Ain't Nobody." It's a cute song about Charlie's Angels, but it's not going to change the world.
  4. Surprisingly I like the song with Chaka Khan the most even tho I didn’t like the preview, it’s fun! All the songs are nice. I’m glad we finally got She Got Her Own.
  5. Oh, wow. It's a Dangerous Woman demo?!
  6. Yes it is, we have been waiting so long for it
  7. How I Look On You is the best thing here for its DNA being the most similar to Thank U, Next. I think "in my head" does the idea way better, but it's still a good track that could have fit on the album. "We step out on a Friday night, new front page, it's a cute headline, I made you a thing, like, Who's that guy?', say you ain't in it for the spotlight, boy" is a great bit.

    I always thought She Got Her Own sounded hollow and empty-sounding since 2016 and it's still 'meh'. Really won't do much with the either Nobody or Bad To You.

    She should leak these onto her soundcloud:

  8. I love the wonky and kinda menacing production on Got Her Own and How I Look On You. The former is my favourite and I'll gladly take these two and ditch the rest.
  9. How I Look On You is the one.
  10. How I Look On You is the best of the bunch, it would fit nicely into Thank U, Next.
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  11. I actually really like all the new songs. Even the Normani one.
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  12. I think "bAD to YOu (WitH NoRMaNi & NICKI MINAJ)" [why are Brazilians like this] is the best but they are all enjoyable?
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  13. 'How I Look On You' is the best here but all of them (minus the Chaka track) aren't bad. They do feel a bit unfinished and unpolished though. Great to have 'Got Her Own' but I agree that it definitely sounds quite sparse and empty.
  14. Nobody is cute!
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  15. Nobody is...something else...
    Bad to you is fun , great hook, could be a single.
    How i look on you is the best track
    Got her own sounds kind of empty... It has great potential but lacks energy.
  16. Now that I know Nobody doesn't sample/cover Ain't Nobody, I can't be arsed to listen. What a missed opportunity.
  17. I'm obsessed with How I Look On You.
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  18. How I Look On You is IT. Should've been on thank u, next
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  19. I probably won't come back to any of these songs much, but How I Look on You is definitely the best.

    My fave song on the soundtrack was actually the M-22, Arlissa & Kiana Ledé track (???). It complements the new Dua.
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