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Ariana Grande - thank u, next

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Oct 3, 2018.

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  1. --
    Am I a messy heaux? Ask @Laura Vanderbooben dddd

    If this isn't enough justification, swiftly merge it with Sweetener, I just did it for a kii ddddd.
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  2. I definitely see something new from her coming sooner rather than later.
  3. Me fearfully waiting for Ms. Vanderbooben to doxx me and get me placed on a FBI watchlist for snatching the thread.

  4. Eaux, you still think your 3-month ATRL ban was a coincidence?

  5. Oh that's exciting! Get it out in 3 months, queen.
  6. Honestly, make 'breathin' the hit it deserves to be, and yes, move on to AG5 already.
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  7. NOT her having a tracklist ready aslkdjasdklas.

    I wonder if she might just do a mixtape kind of thing where she just throws a project out there without much promotion & let it do its thing. That would make sense if she wants to get something out by the end of this year but I doubt it. Ready for whatever she has up her sleeve though.
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  8. Christmas and Chill 2.0
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  9. Can’t wait for the demos on Instagram stories for us to fight over for the year it takes for this to drop.
  10. It's gonna take like two years. Bookmark me.
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  11. I can’t wait for the “the snippet/mobile recording had more... oomph” comments
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  12. I hope this isn’t a Dangerous Woman/Sweetener situation in which we have to wait two years. Perched!
  13. You’ve earned this one.

    But only one, trash box.
  14. But look on the bright side.

    We get to enjoy Ariana winning both the 2018 and 2019 Big Pop Girls Rates.
  15. You know what they say about Talent.
  16. I can definitely see this out in the next year. Perched. Sweetener is pretty good, but she’s got a classic up her sleeve somewhere.
  17. I figured Sweetener would be a short era since A) album cycles rarely last that long nowadays anyway, and B) she was short on single options. I imagine we'll get a video for Breathin' before the end of the year and then Sweetener as a single early next year and then she'll move on.

    I doubt this will come as soon as people think because this is sort of her modus operandi at this point, but I do think it'll arrive by next fall.
  18. She started working on sweetener during the DWT so I wouldn't expect anything new anytime soon.
    Happy that this is happening though! It's probably a therapeutic process for her
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