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Ariana Grande - thank u, next

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Oct 3, 2018.

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  1. I know, wig, I feel that already
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  2. This is not just something they fucking made this is some professional shit this shit is in different areas like what the fuck
  3. Hayley Williams ha impact
  4. More songs were registered:
  5. break up with your girlfriend omg
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  6. Wait @ Kandi Burruss/She’kspere credits

    I wonder what it samples...
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  7. The album is really coming soon, isn't it?
  8. Is that Burruss and Briggs as in Kandi?

    Edit: it is, whew. I wonder which song they wrote that she sampled.

  9. It could be this just based on credits/song themes.

    I wanna say it could be Mariah's X-Girlfriend because kii, but then Mariah would have to have a credit too.
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  10. However real this is, its worth posting as it’s floating around. A session order for ‘Imagine’ and ‘Is It Ok?’

  11. The only song I can think of aside from Kandi's very own masterpiece Don't Think I'm Not (which I would stan being sampled) is *NSYNC'S It Makes Me Ill, which could be...interesting. Most of Kandi/Kevin's collabs have other cowriters.
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  12. Kandi really knows how to stay collecting that coin, huh?

    The power of writing classics.
  13. I will cry if they interpolate Don't Think I'm Not, I'm wet at the thought of it being lyrics or the production!
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  14. fff is it coming with 7 Rings?
  15. People think it'll go:
    1/18: 7 Rings single (and possibly video)
    1/25: Album release
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  16. image.png
    She's sampling the Nsync song
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  17. So the likely tracklisting, in no order, is:

    Thank U, Next (Produced by Tommy Brown & Social House)
    Imagine (Produced by Pop Wansel & Happy Perez)
    7 Rings (Produced by Tommy Brown)
    In My Head (Produced by Pop Wansel & Happy Perez)
    Fake Smile (Produced by Pop Wansel & Happy Perez)
    Samples Wendy Rene's After Laughter
    Bad Idea
    Make Up
    Break Up With Your Girlfriend (Produced by Max Martin & Ilya)
    Samples *NSYNC's It Makes Me Ill
  18. The more Max Martin and Ilyuh tracks the better.
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  19. Well, there's likely only one, so.
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