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Ariana Grande - thank u, next

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Oct 3, 2018.

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  1. Imagine if you heard someone recite that quote in person to your face, you'd take none of it in and think the person was deranged. Parts of it don't even make sense. I thought braggadocio was a type of bread.
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  2. the unapologetic bitch jumped out
  3. Who else?

  4. Rob Sheffield probably
  5. Why is it all in uppercase? Hurts my eyes with that amount of text in uppercase.
  6. So we've come full circle from the Sweetener tracklisting, huh?
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  7. Y'know, I think the review does highlight fair points about the song (i.e., not needing a man, not having to apologize for writing about and spending money when so many men do that in their songs), AND it also completely misses the boat re: cultural appropriation, and through sharing that review she completely misses the point too.

    I love Ari and am also resisting my urge to go easy on her here. I hope (though I know we're all cynical about the possibility of this) that she addresses this, apologizes, and shifts gears with her music.
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  8. That IG post is so cringey.

    The song is fun but gives me an icky feeling ... because the thought I keep having is that Ari is stepping into Tinashe’s territory a bit.
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  9. This is such a bop.

  10. Boasting about your wealth sounds cheap from a girl who has never went without. That's why her cultural appropriation is continually icky.

    2 Chainz (and black culture by extension) remain influential.
  11. RJF


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  12. You’d think some of her black friends would like... say something to her....
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  13. When is she going to get tired of this shtick?
  14. Too busy collecting the checks (and the clout)
  15. RJF


    nn THIS song being the tacky ass hill she wants to die on. Alright.
  16. damn, if this isn't the quickest 180 on an artist I've witnessed here

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  17. Also, for a song that's meant to be a 'fun' song about being with your friends shopping, I can't help but get a kind of...lonely vibe from it? I think in it's the way she delivers the lines, but there's something damn near sad about it to me.
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  18. Dd
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  20. I hope songs made for memes is not all we should expect from her moving forward. Saying that, I really like this song, particularly the bridge.
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