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Ariana Grande - thank u, next

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Oct 3, 2018.

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  1. R92


    Wait, this song hit Bubbling Under already?
  2. I felt the same. It’s almost a Gatsby vibe.
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  3. This is all a bit oof. There was an element of plausible deniability with her spray tanning before but in combination with the lyrics about buying hair and the general wealth flaunting (which only really works in subversive rags-to-riches stories, not “white girl born into a wealthy family” stories), everything becomes unsavory. Which is sad because I think the My Favorite Things sample is a stroke of genius.
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  4. I definitely saw this coming when I heard the original snippet teebs.

    I don't think Ariana is ignorant to these kind of issues but she probably doesn't really see herself as participating in it. Her position in this is very... "she's getting TOO comfortable". It's a discussion that requires a lot of nuance and while I think she's very well spoken and educated when it comes to these issues, she definitely has a blind spot that needs addressing.

    I don't really know how to approach this situation. I wouldn't say she's being inauthentic or putting on a facade just based on my years of following her, but it's definitely veering into that whole Instagram blackfishing controversy.

    This song is a fun bop & the video is great otherwise.
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  5. I was wondering what happened to @imperialsteroid
  6. bye
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  7. Scream.
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  8. I really don’t know what to say about all this. I’m also white as fuck, so I don’t really have something to add up to this conversation. But like can someone please summarize it and explain to me why is she being problematic? Besides the fact that she tans a little harder than the average white girl? Thanks
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  9. Is your volume on?
  10. Well I for one am proud of her for finally breaking free of her whiteness and presenting as the cool mixed black girl her marketing team she always knew she was.
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  11. #FBF: Joan looks so chill here. Simpler times.
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  12. "Her savage resilience is intoxicating."
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  13. This is embarrassing.
  14. This argument kinda falls apart when you consider how universally beloved Bodak Yellow is.
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  15. This all feels very Look What You Made Me Do.
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  16. I mean, this is till gonna dominate the charts though, isn’t it? She is unstoppable right now.
  17. This tired take. It's not even a schtick. She's directed plenty of videos that don't include the pink and blue lighting. You're just aware it's a Hannah video when they appear ...which would make it more of a signature than a schtick.
  18. This “song” is literally just a piece of vapid, fun, silly trash. I don’t think it’s meant to be taken too seriously, if at all. But I’m here for the drama in these last 10 pages. Y’all are trying to draw blood from a stone. The song is empty, just like all of the IG girls who will quote it. I don’t see Ariana budging. This song will become an inescapable meme-hit & the world will move on. Dddd.

    I just hope this is a one-off style song for the album. Where Successful was almost enjoyably vague, 7 Rings is borderline assaultive with its hyper-capitalism.
  19. Well, what about the fact that this review was written by a black girl?
  20. Ddddddd.
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