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Ariana Grande - thank u, next

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Oct 3, 2018.

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  1. Was it the Yaki hair
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  2. He's really gross looking.
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  3. Genuinely thought it was a freshly showered Bella Thorne in the middle there.
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  5. Kylie Jenner teas
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  6. I think he's hot. But I'm not ready for the scalping I'm about to receive
    Maybe he would look better if he doesn't do that eyebrow shave? idk.....
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  7. It's actually a scar he got after being attacked by a dog. They can detect demonic presence.
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  8. Errr that’s a scar from when he was attacked by his dog
  9. I never noticed until now that Miss Puthy basically looks like Fuccboi Ben Stiller
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  10. 7 Rings is the first of the new songs I really like. Oops.
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  11. Did someone say Puthy?

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  12. This album ain't gonna come for another 6 months if Republic have their way.
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  13. Whoever thinks this is all ok imagine Miley doing this (again). The backlash would be beyond words but I guess she is not such a cutie like good old Twitter queen Ariana.

    The thing besides the obvious problematic is that there are actually tons of songs doing the same thing way more energetic, powerful, artistic, clever and/or fun. This is just a pseudo edgy trap song for teenage girls and gays that would never tune into a rhythmic station.

    All of the better version are by black people obviously.
  14. As I stated earlier in the thread, there is a very clear difference between Ari's career spanning use of urban/hip-hop/R&B in her music, and Miley going from Hannah Montana to twerking on a creep at the VMAs and loving hip-hop for one era for some hits and then trashing the genre when the next album dropped...

    Not for nothing, but I feel like Tommy heavily guided the path of this album because she liked the music she created before with him for Dangerous Woman.

    Everyone is handwringing over this song as if Everyday wasn't two albums ago and a song with A$AP Ferg three albums ago.

    Ariana genuinely loves the genre whereas Miley didn't have respect for it beyond using it to break the good girl image. Does that make it better for her? I don't know and it's not really my place to say, but acting as if it's sudden is incorrect
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  15. Is the #1 strong right now? Does she stand a chance?
  16. Which doesn’t make it less problematic. And in defense of Miley at the time she did Bangerz I am sure she was fully behind the project. Which was basically made by mostly black people so wouldn’t she have the same right to explore the sound as Ariana has, just that Ariana was using the genre more before? Maybe because their history was very different she did it later?

    And well you can try to put something like 7 rings in some kind of perspective but even context doesn’t make this ok easily.

    And as far as I remember not even Miley did a song just showing off what an incredibly rich (white) woman she is. Because this is it: a song that will make Ariana a lot of money that other black people don’t earn with their better versions of it.

    I am white myself so I am part of this whole system too. But reading some ignorant comments in here - not yours that you at least think about it - about not seeing anything problematic at all just shows how far we are from a deeper understanding of what is wrong here.

    “It was written by black people” is a complicated aspect in this but then again Miley had many collaborators that are black. Still she was - rightfully - pointed out for doing what she did while having full support. So no matter what Ariana did before, again, it’s just a different level of shit, but still shit.
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  17. The whole thing is serving me modern day Gwen Stefani/Harajuku Girls. It's the kinda song that is meant to stay bottled in a moment/vibe kinda like Gwen's 'Rich Girl', and Ariana gave us a great song.
  18. Me: “but reading some of the ignorant comments...”

    Cue to the “but it bops!” comments.

    Let’s just say yes, it should have stayed bottled.
  19. I'm not talking about the cultural appropriation aspect which I think was always problematic with Ari even before this song. Just commenting on the 'vapid and capitalistic' comments by saying it's a subject that has been covered countless times by pop stars and on the daily by male rappers.
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