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Ariana Grande - thank u, next

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Oct 3, 2018.

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  1. It’s impossible to read this out of your comment, sorry. Rich Girl was also literally saying “IF I was a rich girl” and the Harajuku thing was deemed problematic even back then.

    Edit: I mean she was a Rich Girl but she didn’t brag.
  2. I mean, she took her in-limbo debut album back in 2012 to Tommy & others once the Matt Squire version of the project Republic wanted didn't go anywhere and My Everything was first to be produced mainly by Tommy before Republic brought Max into the picture. She has a whole self-funded project with Tommy, who has contributed to literally every album of her's. Her debut was partly produced by Babyface of all people.

    Of course much of this doesn't matter to many people and that's a valid view, with some black people expressing that her adoration for the genre of music doesn't stop the fact that she has access to platforms that black women, including her collaborators, don't simply because she is white, and that she should find a way to address this issue.

    But that doesn't then suggest it's fine to try to rewrite the history of Ariana's career, especially since it is to so many people irrelevant to the greater societal implications of her place in music as a white woman.
  3. I was not denying she has a deeper understanding/greater love for specific genres. Just to make that clear. It is different to Britney saying she wants something urban or Miley reinventing her as Lil’ MCtwerkQueenLOLZ. But different within specific boundaries of problematic still.
  4. Maybe I was too young to remember if the Harajuku Girls were problematic and yes Rich Girl uses 'If' but my point is that topic has been used to death in pop songs over the years (Bodak Yellow).

    Anyway, my intention wasn't to excuse the problematic cultural aspect just a comment on the song's topic in general.
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  5. Bringing Bodak Yellow in this and how this is going is... not helpful.
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  6. The song's topic is not the issue. Songs about money have always existed. She's young and she's been working her whole life, if she wants to make a song about spending her money that's not a problem. Could the lyrics be batter? Yes. But let's not make it a Paris Hilton/Stop Being Poor kind of meme.
  7. I fucking love the song.

    But she needs to apologise.
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  8. Hard pass on this.
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  9. You seem to be missing the part of my two last posts where I agree with you, that the song is problematic from a cultural standpoint. Just gave an observation that the money topic (unrelated to the cultural appropriation) has been a staple in pop music for decades now.

    I apologise for the third time if my post sounded ignorant.
  10. This is probably all y’all are going to get as far as her acknowledging this directly

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  11. It’s all good, I said you’re not one of the ignorant posters because you’re actually talking about it.

    It was just that I meant white girls bragging like this is not it in general because white privilege et ecetera. Being proud of what you achieved is right and important but looking at our society it is wrong for white people doing it, especially if their wealth comes from cultural appropriation. This is not targeted at Ariana especially but at many popstars for many cases.

    It just felt wrong to me that in a conversation about the imagery of being a super rich - still white - woman is of a worse taste than Cardi, who suffers and not profits from the system.
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  12. "I'm not ignorant or racist, I have PLENTY of Black friends!!", a tweet.
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  13. It’s not like it’s the best song ever so that we have to endlessly celebrate the genius minds behind it. It’s not bad either but done a million times, so let’s talk about it like you’re the face of this song, Ariana. That you are.
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  14. Wait... I've tried catching up on the thread and I'm confused.

    Is the controversy mostly stemming from Princess Nokia's claims of plagiarism? And then it's snowballed from there to include other problematic behaviours?

    (I'm asking these questions genuinely, not to derail the existing debate.)
  15. Haven't watched the comments since yesterday, but the third 10/10 song from the album, wonderful video too.
  16. Spotify #1: I see it

    iTunes #1: I like it

    Apple Music #1: I want it

    YouTube #1: I got it
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  17. Welp, what I didn't expect is to wake up to this mess. Really hope she comes around and understands what is really going on. We should all send her a link to @superultra's post, if her surrounding can't explain what is what.
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  18. Fucking eek at her story reposting “white women talking about their weaves is how we’re gonna solve racism”
  19. [​IMG]
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  20. Okay, I think I'm all caught up.

    Her weird, almost passive aggressive, evasion of all the criticisms...

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