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Ariana Grande - thank u, next

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sanctuary, Oct 3, 2018.

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  1. "Witness didn't have impact"
  2. thank u, next following up sweetener as an album title is exactly the Ariana Grande thing to do.
  3. Why am I cackling reading that as if she's passive-aggressively avoiding the question.
  4. No collabs this time

  5. Is it more like her DIY xmas album or The real deal?
  6. So this won't be a proper "era" by the looks of it and with her sayin she doesn't like that etc. but I was thinking they wouldn't treat it as an album. I'm confused by how things will happen but excited for new music.
  7. I guess somewhere in between

  8. Okay is the album called Thank You or Thank you, next?

    Methinks this won’t be a proper era type album. It’ll probably be similar to what Bieber did with Journals.

    Edit: just seen, it’s called Thank You, Next.
  9. it's
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  10. Ariana: *releases Sweetener*

    Me: Thank u, next.
  11. I still can’t take this seriously.
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  12. If this comes out before the end of the year I’ll be elated. She feeds us so well.
  13. She's too good to us.
  14. Sam


    “ag5 lmao” dddd i love her so much
  15. Um, is this really coming before Christmas??
  16. Me as a pop star
  17. Will we get this or SOPHIE'S three albums first?
  18. Can't believe this is actually happening so fast. Queen of thinking of and feeding those of us who were still hungry after Sweetener. Unless we'll get more Pharrell.
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